Man pages for seqRFLP
Simulation and visualization of restriction enzyme cutting pattern from DNA sequences.

as.fastaCoerce "phy" or "nex" objects to fasta format.
clipprobeFinding the sequences that could be clipped given two...
ConvFasConvert files to fasta format
dataframe2fasConvert dataframe to fasta format
enzCutRestriction enzyme cutting pattern
enzdataThe restriction enzyme datasets.
file.catCopy or concatenate files to one.
fil.fasFasta data example.
fil.nxsInternal nexus data.
fil.phyInternal phylip format data
findprobeFind probes matching sites
frag.datReports for simulated RFLP cutting pattern
gnames.fasGet the names of sequences from fasta objects.
plotenzPlotting the simulated RFLP or TRFLP pattern
raw2FasRead and converting raw DNA files to fasta format.
read.fastaRead fasta file
read.nxsRead nexus file
read.phyRead phylip file
rename.fasChange the sequence names of fasta objects.
revCompReverse complement sequence
selEnzSelecting restriction enzyme
seqRFLP-packageSimulation and visualization of Restriction Fragment Length...
write.fastaWrite fasta format object to file
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