shapes: Statistical Shape Analysis

Routines for the statistical analysis of landmark shapes, including Procrustes analysis, graphical displays, principal components analysis, permutation and bootstrap tests, thin-plate spline transformation grids and comparing covariance matrices. see Dryden, I.L. and Mardia, K.V. (2016). Statistical shape analysis, with Applications in R (2nd Edition), Wiley.

AuthorIan L. Dryden
Date of publication2017-02-03 00:18:21
MaintainerIan Dryden <>

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Man pages

apes: Great ape data

bookstein2d: Bookstein's baseline registration for 2D data

brains: Brain landmark data

centroid.size: Centroid size

cortical: Cortical surface data

digit3.dat: Digit 3 data

distcov: Compute a distance between two covariance matrices

dna.dat: DNA data

estcov: Weighted Frechet mean of covariance matrices

frechet: Mean shape estimators

gels: Electrophoresis gel data

gorf.dat: Female gorilla data

gorm.dat: Male gorilla data

groupstack: Combine two or more groups of configurations

humanmove: Human movement data

macaques: Male and Female macaque data

macf.dat: Female macaque data

macm.dat: Male macaque data

mice: T2 mouse vertabrae data

panf.dat: Female chimpanzee data

panm.dat: Male chimpanzee data

plotshapes: Plot configurations

pongof.dat: Female orang utan data

pongom.dat: Male orang utan data

procdist: Procrustes distance

procGPA: Generalised Procrustes analysis

procOPA: Ordinary Procrustes analysis

procWGPA: Weighted Procrustes analysis

qcet2.dat: Control T2 mouse vertabrae data

qlet2.dat: Large T2 mouse vertabrae data

qset2.dat: Small T2 mouse vertabrae data

rats: Rat skulls data

resampletest: Tests for mean shape difference using complex arithmetic,...

riemdist: Riemannian shape distance

rigidbody: Rigid body transformations

sand: Sand particle outline data

schizophrenia: Bookstein's schizophrenia data

schizophrenia.dat: Bookstein's schizophrenia data

shapepca: Principal components analysis for shape

shapes3d: Plot 3D data

shapes.cva: Canonical variate analysis for shapes

shapes-internal: Internal function(s)

shells: Microfossil shell data

sooty: Sooty mangabey data

ssriemdist: Riemannian size-and-shape distance

steroids: Steroid data

testmeanshapes: Tests for mean shape difference, including permutation and...

tpsgrid: Thin-plate spline transformation grids

transformations: Calculate similarity transformations


abind Man page
add Man page
apes Man page
as.3d Man page
banner1 Man page
banner4 Man page
bendingenergy Man page
bgpa Man page
bookstein2d Man page
bookstein.shpv Man page
bookstein.shpv.complex Man page
bootstraptest Man page
BoxM Man page
braincon.dat Man page
brains Man page
brainscz.dat Man page
cbevec Man page
cbevectors Man page
centroid.size Man page
centroid.size.complex Man page
centroid.size.mD Man page
close1 Man page
cnt3 Man page
complextoreal Man page
cortical Man page
defh Man page
defplotsize2 Man page
defplotsize3 Man page
del Man page
dif Man page
dif.old Man page
digit3.dat Man page
dis Man page
distCholesky Man page
distcov Man page
distEuclidean Man page
distLogEuclidean Man page
distPowerEuclidean Man page
distProcrustesFull Man page
distProcrustesSizeShape Man page
distRiemannianLe Man page
distRiemPennec Man page
dna.dat Man page
Enorm Man page
estChol Man page
estCholesky Man page
estcov Man page
estEuclid Man page
estLogEuclid Man page
estLogRiem2 Man page
estPowerEuclid Man page
estRiemLe Man page
estShape Man page
estShapes Man page
estSS Man page
fcel Man page
fcnt Man page
fgpa Man page
fgpa.rot Man page
fgpa.singleiteration Man page
fJ Man page
fopa Man page
fort Man page
fort.ROTATION Man page
fos Man page
fos.REFLECT Man page
frechet Man page
ftrsq Man page
full.procdist Man page
gels Man page
genpower Man page
Goodall Man page
goodall2d Man page
Goodall2D Man page
goodalltest Man page
Goodalltest Man page
gorf.dat Man page
gorm.dat Man page
graf Man page
groupstack Man page
Hessian2 Man page
Hotelling Man page
hotelling2d Man page
Hotelling2D Man page
Hotelling2Djames Man page
hotellingtest Man page
Hotellingtest Man page
humanmove Man page
I2mat Man page
iglogl Man page
isodens Man page
isologdens Man page
isomle Man page
isotropy.test Man page
James Man page
kendall.shpv Man page
Lambdamin Man page
linegrid Man page
loglikeiso Man page
loglikeiso2 Man page
loneFone Man page
macaques Man page
macf.dat Man page
macm.dat Man page
mahpreshapedist Man page
makearray Man page
MDSshape Man page
MGM Man page
mice Man page
movie Man page
msh Man page
norm Man page
nsa Man page
objfun Man page
objfun4 Man page
objfuniso Man page
oneFone Man page
panf.dat Man page
panm.dat Man page
partial.procdist Man page
partialwarpgrids Man page
partialwarps Man page
permutationtest Man page
permutationtest2 Man page
plot2rwscores Man page
plot3Ddata Man page
plot3Ddata.static Man page
plot3Dmean Man page
plot3Dpca Man page
plotpairscores Man page
plotpca Man page
plotpca3d Man page
plotPDM Man page
plotPDM2 Man page
plotPDM3 Man page
plotPDMbook Man page
plotPDMnoaxis Man page
plotPDMnoaxis3 Man page
plotprinwarp Man page
plotproc Man page
plotrelwarp Man page
plotshapes Man page
plotshapes3d Man page
plotshapestime3d Man page
pointsPDMnoaxis3 Man page
pongof.dat Man page
pongom.dat Man page
prcomp1 Man page
preshape Man page
preshape.mat Man page
preshape.mD Man page
preshapetoicon Man page
prinwscoregrids Man page
procdist Man page
procdistreflect Man page
procGPA Man page
procOPA Man page
procrustes2d Man page
procrustesgpa Man page
procrustesGPA Man page
procrustesGPA.rot Man page
procWGPA Man page
procWGPA1 Man page
project Man page
protein Man page
qcet2.dat Man page
qlet2.dat Man page
qset2.dat Man page
rats Man page
read.array Man page Man page
realtocomplex Man page
reassqpr Man page
relwarps Man page
resampletest Man page
rgpa Man page
riemdist Man page
riemdist.complex Man page
riemdist.mD Man page
rigidbody Man page
rootmat Man page
rotateaxes Man page
rotatexyz Man page
sand Man page
schizo.dat Man page
schizophrenia Man page
schizophrenia.dat Man page
select Man page
sgpa Man page
sh Man page
shapepca Man page
shaperw Man page
shapes3d Man page
shapes.cva Man page
shells Man page
sigma Man page
sim1 Man page
sooty Man page
sooty.dat Man page
ssriemdist Man page
st Man page
steroids Man page
tanfigure Man page
tanfigurefull Man page
tanpreshape Man page
tantofigure Man page
tantofigurefull Man page
tantopreshape Man page
testmeanshapes Man page
testmeanshapes.old Man page
testshapes Man page
tpsgrid Man page
TPSgrid Man page
tpsgrid.old Man page
transformations Man page
V Man page
vec1 Man page
Vinv Man page
Vmat Man page


shapes/man/qset2.dat.Rd shapes/man/ssriemdist.Rd shapes/man/steroids.Rd shapes/man/estcov.Rd shapes/man/gorm.dat.Rd shapes/man/macf.dat.Rd shapes/man/procWGPA.Rd shapes/man/rats.Rd shapes/man/shapepca.Rd shapes/man/schizophrenia.Rd shapes/man/procdist.Rd shapes/man/qlet2.dat.Rd shapes/man/frechet.Rd shapes/man/qcet2.dat.Rd shapes/man/shapes-internal.Rd shapes/man/gorf.dat.Rd shapes/man/gels.Rd shapes/man/mice.Rd shapes/man/testmeanshapes.Rd shapes/man/sand.Rd shapes/man/resampletest.Rd shapes/man/humanmove.Rd shapes/man/procGPA.Rd shapes/man/schizophrenia.dat.Rd shapes/man/shapes3d.Rd shapes/man/pongof.dat.Rd shapes/man/apes.Rd shapes/man/centroid.size.Rd shapes/man/shells.Rd shapes/man/cortical.Rd shapes/man/plotshapes.Rd shapes/man/procOPA.Rd shapes/man/shapes.cva.Rd shapes/man/macaques.Rd shapes/man/pongom.dat.Rd shapes/man/bookstein2d.Rd shapes/man/panm.dat.Rd shapes/man/transformations.Rd shapes/man/digit3.dat.Rd shapes/man/groupstack.Rd shapes/man/brains.Rd shapes/man/sooty.Rd shapes/man/tpsgrid.Rd shapes/man/distcov.Rd shapes/man/riemdist.Rd shapes/man/panf.dat.Rd shapes/man/rigidbody.Rd shapes/man/dna.dat.Rd shapes/man/macm.dat.Rd

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