Man pages for shapes
Statistical Shape Analysis

apesGreat ape data
backfitBackfit from scores to configuration
bookstein2dBookstein's baseline registration for 2D data
brainsBrain landmark data
centroid.sizeCentroid size
corticalCortical surface data
digit3.datDigit 3 data
distcovCompute a distance between two covariance matrices
dna.datDNA data
estcovWeighted Frechet mean of covariance matrices
frechetMean shape estimators
gelsElectrophoresis gel data
gorf.datFemale gorilla data
gorm.datMale gorilla data
groupstackCombine two or more groups of configurations
humanmoveHuman movement data
macaquesMale and Female macaque data
macf.datFemale macaque data
macm.datMale macaque data
miceT2 mouse vertabrae data
panf.datFemale chimpanzee data
panm.datMale chimpanzee data
plot3darcsModes of variation plots for PCA and PNSS
plotshapesPlot configurations
pnsPrincipal Nested Spheres
pns4pcPrincipal Nested Shape Spaces from PCA
pnss3dPrincipal Nested Shape Space Analysis
pongof.datFemale orang utan data
pongom.datMale orang utan data
procdistProcrustes distance
procGPAGeneralised Procrustes analysis
procOPAOrdinary Procrustes analysis
procWGPAWeighted Procrustes analysis
qcet2.datControl T2 mouse vertabrae data
qlet2.datLarge T2 mouse vertabrae data
qset2.datSmall T2 mouse vertabrae data
ratsRat skulls data
resampletestTests for mean shape difference using complex arithmetic,...
riemdistRiemannian shape distance
rigidbodyRigid body transformations
sandSand particle outline data
schizophreniaBookstein's schizophrenia data
schizophrenia.datBookstein's schizophrenia data
shapepcaPrincipal components analysis for shape
shapes3dPlot 3D data
shapes.cvaCanonical variate analysis for shapes
shapes-internalInternal function(s)
shellsMicrofossil shell data
sootySooty mangabey data
ssriemdistRiemannian size-and-shape distance
steroidsSteroid data
testmeanshapesTests for mean shape difference, including permutation and...
tpsgridThin-plate spline transformation grids
transformationsCalculate similarity transformations
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