#' Create a Shiny Tree
#' This creates a spot in your Shiny UI for a shinyTree which can then be filled
#' in using \code{\link{renderTree}}
#' @param outputId The ID associated with this element
#' @param checkbox If \code{TRUE}, will enable checkboxes next to each node to 
#' make the selection of multiple nodes in the tree easier.
#' @param search If \code{TRUE}, will enable search functionality in the tree by adding
#' a search box above the produced tree. Alternatively, you can set the parameter
#' to the ID of the text input you wish to use as the search field.
#' @param searchtime Determines the reaction time of the search algorithm.
#' Default is 250ms.
#' @param dragAndDrop If \code{TRUE}, will allow the user to rearrange the nodes in the
#' tree.
#' @param types enables jstree types functionality when sent proper json (please see the types example)
#' @param theme jsTree theme, one of \code{default}, \code{default-dark}, or \code{proton}.
#' @param themeIcons If \code{TRUE}, will show theme icons for each item.
#' @param themeDots If \code{TRUE}, will include level dots.
#' @param sort If \code{TRUE}, will sort the nodes in alphabetical/numerical
#' order.
#' @param unique If \code{TRUE}, will ensure that no node name exists more
#' than once.
#' @param wholerow If \code{TRUE}, will highlight the whole selected row.
#' @param stripes If \code{TRUE}, the tree background is striped.
#' @param multiple If \code{TRUE}, multiple nodes can be selected.
#' @param animation The open / close animation duration in milliseconds.
#' Det this to \code{FALSE} to disable the animation (default is 200).
#' @param contextmenu If \code{TRUE}, will enable a contextmenu to 
#' create/rename/delete/cut/copy/paste nodes.
#' @seealso \code{\link{renderTree}}
#' @export
shinyTree <- function(outputId, checkbox=FALSE, search=FALSE, 
                      searchtime = 250, dragAndDrop=FALSE, types=NULL, 
                      theme="default", themeIcons=TRUE, themeDots=TRUE,
                      sort=FALSE, unique=FALSE, wholerow=FALSE,
                      stripes=FALSE, multiple=TRUE, animation=200,
  if ((!is.null(contextmenu) && contextmenu) && (!is.null(checkbox) && checkbox)) {
    message("The plugins contextmenu and checkbox cannot be used together.")
    message("Set checkbox to FALSE")
    checkbox = FALSE
  searchEl <- shiny::div("")
  if (search == TRUE){
    search <- paste0(outputId, "-search-input")
    searchEl <- shiny::tags$input(id=search, class="input", type="text", value="")
  if (is.character(search)){
    # Either the search field we just created or the given text field ID
    searchEl <- shiny::tagAppendChild(searchEl, shiny::tags$script(type="text/javascript", shiny::HTML(
      paste0("shinyTree.initSearch('",outputId,"','",search,"', ", searchtime,");"))))
  if(!theme %in% c("default","default-dark","proton")) { stop(paste("shinyTree theme, ",theme,", doesn't exist!",sep="")) }
  # define theme tags (default, default-dark, or proton)
  theme.tags<-shiny::tags$link(rel = 'stylesheet',
                               type = 'text/css',
                               href = paste('shinyTree/jsTree-3.3.7/themes/',theme,'/style.min.css',sep=""))
    animation = 'false'
    types <- paste0(outputId,"_sttypes = ",types)
      shiny::tags$link(rel = "stylesheet", 
                type = "text/css", 
      shiny::tags$script(src = 'shinyTree/jsTree-3.3.7/jstree.min.js'),
      shiny::tags$script(src = 'shinyTree/shinyTree.js'),
    shiny::div(id=outputId, class="shiny-tree", 

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