sitar: Super Imposition by Translation and Rotation Growth Curve Analysis

Functions for fitting and plotting SITAR (Super Imposition by Translation And Rotation) growth curve models. SITAR is a shape-invariant model with a regression B-spline mean curve and subject-specific random effects on both the measurement and age scales.

AuthorTim Cole
Date of publication2017-01-09 09:50:05
MaintainerTim Cole <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anova.sitar: Compare Likelihoods of Fitted SITAR Objects

BICadj: Ways to compare SITAR models for fit

bupdate: Update the b fixed effect to minimise the b-c random effect...

cLMS: LMS conversion to and from z-scores

codeplot: Plot and zap velocity outliers in growth curves

funcall: Function call with optional inverse

getData.sitar: Extract elements of fitted SITAR models

heights: Serial heights measured in 12 girls

ifun: Invert an expression defining a data transformation

LMS2z: Convert to/from measurement from/to z-score with growth...

LMSfit: Estimate LMS curves from tabulated growth reference centiles

makess: Create cubic smoothing spline from data

mplot: Plot multiple growth curves

plotclean: Plot multiple growth curves to identify outliers

plot.sitar: Plot SITAR model

predict.sitar: Predict SITAR model

print.sitar: Print SITAR model

print.summary.sitar: Print summary of SITAR model

recalib: Recalibrate x, y data using SITAR random effects

sitar: Fit SITAR growth curve model

sitar-package: SITAR (SuperImposition by Translation And Rotation) growth...

subsample: Sample from SITAR dataset

summary.sitar: Create summary of SITAR model

timegap: Select equally spaced ages from a vector of ages

uk90: UK 1990 growth reference

ukwhopt: UK-WHO growth reference including preterm

velout: Identify outliers with abnormal velocity in growth curves

who06: The WHO 2006 growth standard

xaxsd: Par args xaxs and yaxs option d

xyadj: Adjust x and y variables for SITAR random effects

y2plot: Plot with two y axes

z2cent: Express z-scores as centile character strings for plotting

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