sitar: Super Imposition by Translation and Rotation Growth Curve Analysis

Functions for fitting and plotting SITAR (Super Imposition by Translation And Rotation) growth curve models. SITAR is a shape-invariant model with a regression B-spline mean curve and subject-specific random effects on both the measurement and age scales.

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AuthorTim Cole
Date of publication2017-01-09 09:50:05
MaintainerTim Cole <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anova.sitar: Compare Likelihoods of Fitted SITAR Objects

BICadj: Ways to compare SITAR models for fit

bupdate: Update the b fixed effect to minimise the b-c random effect...

cLMS: LMS conversion to and from z-scores

codeplot: Plot and zap velocity outliers in growth curves

funcall: Function call with optional inverse

getData.sitar: Extract elements of fitted SITAR models

heights: Serial heights measured in 12 girls

ifun: Invert an expression defining a data transformation

LMS2z: Convert to/from measurement from/to z-score with growth...

LMSfit: Estimate LMS curves from tabulated growth reference centiles

makess: Create cubic smoothing spline from data

mplot: Plot multiple growth curves

plotclean: Plot multiple growth curves to identify outliers

plot.sitar: Plot SITAR model

predict.sitar: Predict SITAR model

print.sitar: Print SITAR model

print.summary.sitar: Print summary of SITAR model

recalib: Recalibrate x, y data using SITAR random effects

sitar: Fit SITAR growth curve model

sitar-package: SITAR (SuperImposition by Translation And Rotation) growth...

subsample: Sample from SITAR dataset

summary.sitar: Create summary of SITAR model

timegap: Select equally spaced ages from a vector of ages

uk90: UK 1990 growth reference

ukwhopt: UK-WHO growth reference including preterm

velout: Identify outliers with abnormal velocity in growth curves

who06: The WHO 2006 growth standard

xaxsd: Par args xaxs and yaxs option d

xyadj: Adjust x and y variables for SITAR random effects

y2plot: Plot with two y axes

z2cent: Express z-scores as centile character strings for plotting


AICadj Man page
anova.sitar Man page
BICadj Man page
bupdate Man page
cLMS Man page
codeplot Man page
diffid Man page
funcall Man page
getCovariate.sitar Man page
getData.sitar Man page
getVarCov.sitar Man page
heights Man page
ifun Man page
lines.sitar Man page
LMS2z Man page
LMSfit Man page
makess Man page
mplot Man page
plotclean Man page
plot.sitar Man page
predict.sitar Man page
print.sitar Man page
print.summary.sitar Man page
recalib Man page
sitar Man page
sitar-package Man page
subsample Man page
summary.sitar Man page
timegap Man page Man page
uk90 Man page
ukwhopt Man page
update.sitar Man page
varexp Man page
velout Man page
who06 Man page
xaxsd Man page
xyadj Man page
y2plot Man page
yaxsd Man page
z2cent Man page
zapvelout Man page
zLMS Man page

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