makeElAttarVidyasagarDuttaFunction: El-Attar-Vidyasagar-Dutta Function

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This function is based on the formula

f(\mathbf{x}) = (\mathbf{x}_1^2 + \mathbf{x}_2 - 10)^2 + (\mathbf{x}_1 + \mathbf{x}_2^2 - 7)^2 + (\mathbf{x}_1^2 + \mathbf{x}_2^3 - 1)^2

subject to \mathbf{x}_i \in [-500, 500], i = 1, 2.






R. A. El-Attar, M. Vidyasagar, S. R. K. Dutta, An Algorithm for II-norm Minimiza- tion With Application to Nonlinear II-approximation, SIAM Journal on Numverical Analysis, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 70-86, 1979.

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