makeHosakiFunction: Hosaki Function

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Two-dimensional test function f with

f(\mathbf{x}) = (1 - 8 \mathbf{x}_1 + 7 \mathbf{x}_1^2 - 7/3 \mathbf{x}_1^3 + 1/4 \mathbf{x}_1^4)\mathbf{x}_2^2e^{-\mathbf{x}_2}

subject to 0 ≤q \mathbf{x}_1 ≤q 5 and 0 ≤q \mathbf{x}_2 ≤q 6.






G. A. Bekey, M. T. Ung, A Comparative Evaluation of Two Global Search Algorithms, IEEE Transaction on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 112- 116, 1974.

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