makeSixHumpCamelFunction: Three-Hump Camel Function

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Two dimensional single-objective test function with six local minima oh which two are global. The surface is similar to the back of a camel. That is why it is called Camel function. The implementation is based on the formula:

f(\mathbf{x}) = ≤ft(4 - 2.1\mathbf{x}_1^2 + \mathbf{x}_1^{0.75}\right)\mathbf{x}_1^2 + \mathbf{x}_1 \mathbf{x}_2 + ≤ft(-4 + 4\mathbf{x}_2^2\right)\mathbf{x}_2^2

with box constraints \mathbf{x}_1 \in [-3, 3] and \mathbf{x}_2 \in [-2, 2].






Dixon, L. C. W. and Szego, G. P.: The optimization problem: An introduction. In: Towards Global Optimization II, New York: North Holland, 1978.

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