solaR: Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems

Calculation methods of solar radiation and performance of photovoltaic systems from daily and intradaily irradiation data sources.

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AuthorOscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro
Date of publication2016-04-16 19:49:10
MaintainerOscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro <>

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Man pages

aguiar: Markov Transition Matrices for the Aguiar etal. procedure Methods for Function Methods for Function Methods for Function Methods for Function

as.zooD-methods: Methods for Function as.zooD

as.zooI-methods: Methods for Function as.zooI

as.zooM-methods: Methods for Function as.zooM

as.zooY-methods: Methods for Function as.zooY

calcG0: Irradiation and irradiance on the horizontal plane.

calcGef: Irradiation and irradiance on the generator plane.

calcShd: Shadows on PV systems.

calcSol: Apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

compareLosses-methods: Losses of a GCPV system

compare-methods: Compare G0, Gef and ProdGCPV objects

corrFdKt: Correlations between the fraction of diffuse irradiation and...

defunct: Defunct functions in package 'solaR'

fBTd: Daily time base

fCompD: Components of daily global solar irradiation on a horizontal...

fCompI: Calculation of solar irradiance on a horizontal surface

fInclin: Solar irradiance on an inclined surface

fProd: Performance of a PV system

fPump: Performance of a centrifugal pump

fSolD: Daily apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

fSolI: Instantaneous apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

fSombra: Shadows on PV systems

fTemp: Intradaily evolution of ambient temperature

fTheta: Angle of incidence of solar irradiation on a inclined surface

G0-class: Class "G0": irradiation and irradiance on the horizontal...

Gef-class: Class "Gef": irradiation and irradiance on the generator...

getData-methods: Methods for function getData

getG0-methods: Methods for function getG0

getLat-methods: Methods for Function getLat

helios: Daily irradiation and ambient temperature from the Helios-IES...

HQCurve: H-Q curves of a centrifugal pump

indexD-methods: Methods for Function indexD

indexI-methods: Methods for Function indexI

indexRep-methods: Methods for Function indexRep

levelplot-methods: Methods for function levelplot.

local2UTC: Local time, mean solar time and UTC time zone.

mergesolaR-methods: Merge solaR objects

Meteo-class: Class "Meteo"

NmgSFB: Nomogram of a photovoltaic pumping system

optimShd: Shadows calculation for a set of distances between elements...

plot-methods: Methods for Function shadeplot

prodExample: Productivity of a set of PV systems of a PV plant.

prodGCPV: Performance of a grid connected PV system.

ProdGCPV-class: Class "ProdGCPV": performance of a grid connected PV system.

prodPVPS: Performance of a PV pumping system

ProdPVPS-class: Class "ProdPVPS": performance of a PV pumping system.

pumpCoef: Coefficients of centrifugal pumps.

readBD: Daily or intradaily values of global horizontal irradiation...

readG0dm: Monthly mean values of global horizontal irradiation.

sample2Diff: Small utilities for difftime objects.

Shade-class: Class "Shade": shadows in a PV system.

solaR-package: Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R

solaR.theme: solaR theme

Sol-class: Class "Sol": Apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

utils: Utilities for time indexes.

utils2: Conversion between angle units.

window-methods: Methods for extracting a time window

writeSolar: Exporter of solaR results

xyplot-methods: Methods for function xyplot in Package 'solaR'


aguiar Man page
analyzeData Man page Man page Man page,Sol-method Man page Man page Man page,Sol-method Man page Man page,G0-method Man page Man page,Shade-method Man page Man page,G0-method Man page Man page
as.zooD Man page
as.zooD,G0-method Man page
as.zooD,Gef-method Man page
as.zooD-methods Man page
as.zooD,ProdGCPV-method Man page
as.zooD,ProdPVPS-method Man page
as.zooD,Sol-method Man page
as.zooI Man page
as.zooI,G0-method Man page
as.zooI,Gef-method Man page
as.zooI-methods Man page
as.zooI,ProdGCPV-method Man page
as.zooI,ProdPVPS-method Man page
as.zooI,Sol-method Man page
as.zooM Man page
as.zooM,G0-method Man page
as.zooM,Gef-method Man page
as.zooM-methods Man page
as.zooM,ProdGCPV-method Man page
as.zooM,ProdPVPS-method Man page
as.zooY Man page
as.zooY,G0-method Man page
as.zooY,Gef-method Man page
as.zooY-methods Man page
as.zooY,ProdGCPV-method Man page
as.zooY,ProdPVPS-method Man page
calcG0 Man page
calcGef Man page
calcShd Man page
calcSol Man page
CBIND Man page
char2diff Man page
compare Man page
compare,G0-method Man page
compare,Gef-method Man page
compareLosses Man page
compareLosses-methods Man page
compareLosses,ProdGCPV-method Man page
compare-methods Man page
compare,ProdGCPV-method Man page
corrFdKt Man page
d2h Man page
d2r Man page
df2Meteo Man page
dfI2Meteo Man page
diff2Hours Man page
dom Man page
DoM Man page
doy Man page
DoY Man page
dst Man page
fBTd Man page
fCompD Man page
fCompI Man page
FdKtBRL Man page
FdKtCLIMEDd Man page
FdKtCLIMEDh Man page
FdKtCPR Man page
FdKtEKDd Man page
FdKtEKDh Man page
FdKtLJ Man page
FdKtPage Man page
fInclin Man page
fProd Man page
fPump Man page
fSolD Man page
fSolI Man page
fSombra Man page
fSombra2X Man page
fSombra6 Man page
fSombraEst Man page
fSombraHoriz Man page
fTemp Man page
fTheta Man page
[,G0,ANY,ANY-method Man page
G0-class Man page
[,G0-method Man page
[,Gef,ANY,ANY-method Man page
Gef-class Man page
[,Gef-method Man page
getData Man page
getData,Meteo-method Man page
getData-methods Man page
getG0 Man page
getG0,Meteo-method Man page
getG0-methods Man page
getLat Man page
getLat,G0-method Man page
getLat,Meteo-method Man page
getLat-methods Man page
getLat,Sol-method Man page
h2d Man page
h2r Man page
helios Man page
hms Man page
hour Man page
HQCurve Man page
indexD Man page
indexD,G0-method Man page
indexD,Meteo-method Man page
indexD-methods Man page
indexD,Sol-method Man page
indexI Man page
indexI-methods Man page
indexI,Sol-method Man page
indexRep-methods Man page
indexRep,Sol-method Man page
Ktlim Man page
Ktm Man page
levelplot,formula,G0-method Man page
levelplot,formula,Meteo-method Man page
levelplot,formula,Sol-method Man page
levelplot,formula,zoo-method Man page
levelplot-methods Man page
local2Solar Man page
lonHH Man page
losses Man page
losses,Gef-method Man page
losses-methods Man page
losses,ProdGCPV-method Man page
mergesolaR Man page
mergesolaR,G0-method Man page
mergesolaR,Gef-method Man page
mergesolaR,Meteo-method Man page
mergesolaR-methods Man page
mergesolaR,ProdGCPV-method Man page
mergesolaR,ProdPVPS-method Man page
[,Meteo,ANY,ANY-method Man page
Meteo-class Man page
[,Meteo-method Man page
minute Man page
month Man page
Month Man page
MTM Man page
NmgPVPS Man page
optimShd Man page
P2E Man page
prodEx Man page
prodGCPV Man page
[,ProdGCPV,ANY,ANY-method Man page
ProdGCPV-class Man page
[,ProdGCPV-method Man page
prodPVPS Man page
[,ProdPVPS,ANY,ANY-method Man page
ProdPVPS-class Man page
[,ProdPVPS-method Man page
pumpCoef Man page
r2d Man page
r2h Man page
r2sec Man page
readBD Man page
readBDi Man page
readG0dm Man page
readSIAR Man page
sample2Hours Man page
second Man page
Shade-class Man page
shadeplot Man page
shadeplot-methods Man page
shadeplot,Shade-method Man page
show,G0-method Man page
show,Gef-method Man page
show,Meteo-method Man page
show,ProdGCPV-method Man page
show,ProdPVPS-method Man page
show,Shade-method Man page
show,Sol-method Man page
[,Sol,ANY,ANY-method Man page
solaR Man page
solaR-defunct Man page
solaR-package Man page
solaR.theme Man page
Sol-class Man page
[,Sol-method Man page
TargetDiagram Man page
truncDay Man page
window Man page
window-methods Man page
writeSolar Man page
writeSolar-methods Man page
writeSolar,Sol-method Man page
xyplot,formula,G0-method Man page
xyplot,formula,Meteo-method Man page
xyplot,formula,Shade-method Man page
xyplot,formula,Sol-method Man page
xyplot,formula,zoo-method Man page
xyplot,G0,missing-method Man page
xyplot,Meteo,missing-method Man page
xyplot-methods Man page
xyplot,ProdGCPV,missing-method Man page
xyplot,ProdPVPS,missing-method Man page
year Man page
Year Man page
zoo2Meteo Man page


R/window.R R/AllClasses.R R/fInclin.R R/analyzeData.R R/fSolD.R R/utils.R R/fSolI.R R/calcG0.R R/shadeplot.R R/splom.R R/horizon.R R/fBTd.R R/asZoo.R R/fPump.R R/NmgSFB.R R/xyplot.R R/asDataFrame.R R/show.R R/corrFdKt.R R/fSombraHoriz.R R/calcShd.R R/mergeSolar.R R/writeSolar.R R/histogram.R R/HQCurve.R R/fCompI.R R/levelplot.R R/fProd.R R/fTemp.R R/fSombraEst.R R/optimShd.R R/losses.R R/prodGCPV.R R/markovG0.R R/calcGef.R R/TargetDiagram.R R/fSombra2X.R R/AllMethods.R R/fCompD.R R/read.R R/compare.R R/fSombra6.R R/calcSol.R R/fTheta.R R/zzz.R R/fSombra.R R/prodPVPS.R
man/HQCurve.Rd man/fTheta.Rd man/as.zooD-methods.Rd man/Shade-class.Rd man/ProdGCPV-class.Rd man/fTemp.Rd man/fPump.Rd man/plot-methods.Rd man/ man/compare-methods.Rd man/utils2.Rd man/calcSol.Rd man/helios.Rd man/pumpCoef.Rd man/mergesolaR-methods.Rd man/ man/calcG0.Rd man/getLat-methods.Rd man/levelplot-methods.Rd man/ man/corrFdKt.Rd man/fCompI.Rd man/window-methods.Rd man/utils.Rd man/aguiar.Rd man/calcGef.Rd man/NmgSFB.Rd man/calcShd.Rd man/readBD.Rd man/as.zooY-methods.Rd man/as.zooI-methods.Rd man/solaR.theme.Rd man/fProd.Rd man/fInclin.Rd man/getData-methods.Rd man/G0-class.Rd man/readG0dm.Rd man/fSolD.Rd man/prodExample.Rd man/ProdPVPS-class.Rd man/sample2Diff.Rd man/prodPVPS.Rd man/local2UTC.Rd man/indexD-methods.Rd man/fSombra.Rd man/fSolI.Rd man/writeSolar.Rd man/indexRep-methods.Rd man/fCompD.Rd man/fBTd.Rd man/Sol-class.Rd man/prodGCPV.Rd man/indexI-methods.Rd man/getG0-methods.Rd man/optimShd.Rd man/as.zooM-methods.Rd man/ man/compareLosses-methods.Rd man/solaR-package.Rd man/Gef-class.Rd man/Meteo-class.Rd man/xyplot-methods.Rd man/defunct.Rd

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