solaR: Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems

Calculation methods of solar radiation and performance of photovoltaic systems from daily and intradaily irradiation data sources.

AuthorOscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro
Date of publication2016-04-16 19:49:10
MaintainerOscar Perpiñán Lamigueiro <>

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Man pages

aguiar: Markov Transition Matrices for the Aguiar etal. procedure Methods for Function Methods for Function Methods for Function Methods for Function

as.zooD-methods: Methods for Function as.zooD

as.zooI-methods: Methods for Function as.zooI

as.zooM-methods: Methods for Function as.zooM

as.zooY-methods: Methods for Function as.zooY

calcG0: Irradiation and irradiance on the horizontal plane.

calcGef: Irradiation and irradiance on the generator plane.

calcShd: Shadows on PV systems.

calcSol: Apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

compareLosses-methods: Losses of a GCPV system

compare-methods: Compare G0, Gef and ProdGCPV objects

corrFdKt: Correlations between the fraction of diffuse irradiation and...

defunct: Defunct functions in package 'solaR'

fBTd: Daily time base

fCompD: Components of daily global solar irradiation on a horizontal...

fCompI: Calculation of solar irradiance on a horizontal surface

fInclin: Solar irradiance on an inclined surface

fProd: Performance of a PV system

fPump: Performance of a centrifugal pump

fSolD: Daily apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

fSolI: Instantaneous apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

fSombra: Shadows on PV systems

fTemp: Intradaily evolution of ambient temperature

fTheta: Angle of incidence of solar irradiation on a inclined surface

G0-class: Class "G0": irradiation and irradiance on the horizontal...

Gef-class: Class "Gef": irradiation and irradiance on the generator...

getData-methods: Methods for function getData

getG0-methods: Methods for function getG0

getLat-methods: Methods for Function getLat

helios: Daily irradiation and ambient temperature from the Helios-IES...

HQCurve: H-Q curves of a centrifugal pump

indexD-methods: Methods for Function indexD

indexI-methods: Methods for Function indexI

indexRep-methods: Methods for Function indexRep

levelplot-methods: Methods for function levelplot.

local2UTC: Local time, mean solar time and UTC time zone.

mergesolaR-methods: Merge solaR objects

Meteo-class: Class "Meteo"

NmgSFB: Nomogram of a photovoltaic pumping system

optimShd: Shadows calculation for a set of distances between elements...

plot-methods: Methods for Function shadeplot

prodExample: Productivity of a set of PV systems of a PV plant.

prodGCPV: Performance of a grid connected PV system.

ProdGCPV-class: Class "ProdGCPV": performance of a grid connected PV system.

prodPVPS: Performance of a PV pumping system

ProdPVPS-class: Class "ProdPVPS": performance of a PV pumping system.

pumpCoef: Coefficients of centrifugal pumps.

readBD: Daily or intradaily values of global horizontal irradiation...

readG0dm: Monthly mean values of global horizontal irradiation.

sample2Diff: Small utilities for difftime objects.

Shade-class: Class "Shade": shadows in a PV system.

solaR-package: Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R

solaR.theme: solaR theme

Sol-class: Class "Sol": Apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth

utils: Utilities for time indexes.

utils2: Conversion between angle units.

window-methods: Methods for extracting a time window

writeSolar: Exporter of solaR results

xyplot-methods: Methods for function xyplot in Package 'solaR'

Files in this package

solaR/R/window.R solaR/R/AllClasses.R solaR/R/fInclin.R solaR/R/analyzeData.R solaR/R/fSolD.R solaR/R/utils.R solaR/R/fSolI.R solaR/R/calcG0.R solaR/R/shadeplot.R solaR/R/splom.R solaR/R/horizon.R solaR/R/fBTd.R solaR/R/asZoo.R solaR/R/fPump.R solaR/R/NmgSFB.R solaR/R/xyplot.R solaR/R/asDataFrame.R solaR/R/show.R solaR/R/corrFdKt.R solaR/R/fSombraHoriz.R solaR/R/calcShd.R solaR/R/mergeSolar.R solaR/R/writeSolar.R solaR/R/histogram.R solaR/R/HQCurve.R solaR/R/fCompI.R solaR/R/levelplot.R solaR/R/fProd.R solaR/R/fTemp.R solaR/R/fSombraEst.R solaR/R/optimShd.R solaR/R/losses.R solaR/R/prodGCPV.R solaR/R/markovG0.R solaR/R/calcGef.R solaR/R/TargetDiagram.R solaR/R/fSombra2X.R solaR/R/AllMethods.R solaR/R/fCompD.R solaR/R/read.R solaR/R/compare.R solaR/R/fSombra6.R solaR/R/calcSol.R solaR/R/fTheta.R solaR/R/zzz.R solaR/R/fSombra.R solaR/R/prodPVPS.R
solaR/man/HQCurve.Rd solaR/man/fTheta.Rd solaR/man/as.zooD-methods.Rd solaR/man/Shade-class.Rd solaR/man/ProdGCPV-class.Rd solaR/man/fTemp.Rd solaR/man/fPump.Rd solaR/man/plot-methods.Rd solaR/man/ solaR/man/compare-methods.Rd solaR/man/utils2.Rd solaR/man/calcSol.Rd solaR/man/helios.Rd solaR/man/pumpCoef.Rd solaR/man/mergesolaR-methods.Rd solaR/man/ solaR/man/calcG0.Rd solaR/man/getLat-methods.Rd solaR/man/levelplot-methods.Rd solaR/man/ solaR/man/corrFdKt.Rd solaR/man/fCompI.Rd solaR/man/window-methods.Rd solaR/man/utils.Rd solaR/man/aguiar.Rd solaR/man/calcGef.Rd solaR/man/NmgSFB.Rd solaR/man/calcShd.Rd solaR/man/readBD.Rd solaR/man/as.zooY-methods.Rd solaR/man/as.zooI-methods.Rd solaR/man/solaR.theme.Rd solaR/man/fProd.Rd solaR/man/fInclin.Rd solaR/man/getData-methods.Rd solaR/man/G0-class.Rd solaR/man/readG0dm.Rd solaR/man/fSolD.Rd solaR/man/prodExample.Rd solaR/man/ProdPVPS-class.Rd solaR/man/sample2Diff.Rd solaR/man/prodPVPS.Rd solaR/man/local2UTC.Rd solaR/man/indexD-methods.Rd solaR/man/fSombra.Rd solaR/man/fSolI.Rd solaR/man/writeSolar.Rd solaR/man/indexRep-methods.Rd solaR/man/fCompD.Rd solaR/man/fBTd.Rd solaR/man/Sol-class.Rd solaR/man/prodGCPV.Rd solaR/man/indexI-methods.Rd solaR/man/getG0-methods.Rd solaR/man/optimShd.Rd solaR/man/as.zooM-methods.Rd solaR/man/ solaR/man/compareLosses-methods.Rd solaR/man/solaR-package.Rd solaR/man/Gef-class.Rd solaR/man/Meteo-class.Rd solaR/man/xyplot-methods.Rd solaR/man/defunct.Rd

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