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Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems

aguiarMarkov Transition Matrices for the Aguiar etal. procedure for Function for Function for Function for Function
as.zooD-methodsMethods for Function as.zooD
as.zooI-methodsMethods for Function as.zooI
as.zooM-methodsMethods for Function as.zooM
as.zooY-methodsMethods for Function as.zooY
calcG0Irradiation and irradiance on the horizontal plane.
calcGefIrradiation and irradiance on the generator plane.
calcShdShadows on PV systems.
calcSolApparent movement of the Sun from the Earth
compareLosses-methodsLosses of a GCPV system
compare-methodsCompare G0, Gef and ProdGCPV objects
corrFdKtCorrelations between the fraction of diffuse irradiation and...
defunctDefunct functions in package 'solaR'
fBTdDaily time base
fCompDComponents of daily global solar irradiation on a horizontal...
fCompICalculation of solar irradiance on a horizontal surface
fInclinSolar irradiance on an inclined surface
fProdPerformance of a PV system
fPumpPerformance of a centrifugal pump
fSolDDaily apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth
fSolIInstantaneous apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth
fSombraShadows on PV systems
fTempIntradaily evolution of ambient temperature
fThetaAngle of incidence of solar irradiation on a inclined surface
G0-classClass "G0": irradiation and irradiance on the horizontal...
Gef-classClass "Gef": irradiation and irradiance on the generator...
getData-methodsMethods for function getData
getG0-methodsMethods for function getG0
getLat-methodsMethods for Function getLat
heliosDaily irradiation and ambient temperature from the Helios-IES...
HQCurveH-Q curves of a centrifugal pump
indexD-methodsMethods for Function indexD
indexI-methodsMethods for Function indexI
indexRep-methodsMethods for Function indexRep
levelplot-methodsMethods for function levelplot.
local2UTCLocal time, mean solar time and UTC time zone.
mergesolaR-methodsMerge solaR objects
Meteo-classClass "Meteo"
NmgSFBNomogram of a photovoltaic pumping system
optimShdShadows calculation for a set of distances between elements...
plot-methodsMethods for Function shadeplot
prodExampleProductivity of a set of PV systems of a PV plant.
prodGCPVPerformance of a grid connected PV system.
ProdGCPV-classClass "ProdGCPV": performance of a grid connected PV system.
prodPVPSPerformance of a PV pumping system
ProdPVPS-classClass "ProdPVPS": performance of a PV pumping system.
pumpCoefCoefficients of centrifugal pumps.
readBDDaily or intradaily values of global horizontal irradiation...
readG0dmMonthly mean values of global horizontal irradiation.
sample2DiffSmall utilities for difftime objects.
Shade-classClass "Shade": shadows in a PV system.
solaR-packageSolar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R
solaR.themesolaR theme
Sol-classClass "Sol": Apparent movement of the Sun from the Earth
utilsUtilities for time indexes.
utils2Conversion between angle units.
window-methodsMethods for extracting a time window
writeSolarExporter of solaR results
xyplot-methodsMethods for function xyplot in Package 'solaR'
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