Man pages for sonicscrewdriver
Bioacoustic Analysis and Publication Tools

ab_annotationsGet annotations from audioBlast
ab_seqss_nearestStartNearest start time
addSpectraAdd two spectra from seewave
audio_filesizeCalculated size of raw audio files
audiomoth_configRead AudioMoth configuration file
audiomoth_waveRead AudioMoth metadata from a wave file
autoBandPassAutomatic Band Pass Filter
beatComplexityBeat spectrum complexity
beatSpectrumComputes a beat spectrum
convert2bytesConvert bits to bytes
convert2CelsiusConvert temperature to Celsius
convert2dyne_cm2Convert pressure to dyne per square centimetre
convert2FahrenheitConvert temperature to Fahrenheit
convert2KelvinConvert temperature to Kelvin
convert2PascalsConvert pressure to Pascals
convert2secondsConvert time to seconds
cutwsCut wave by samples
data2WaveConvert data into a Wave object
dayPhasePhase of day
dayPhasesPhases of day
daysPhasesPhases of days
defaultClusterCreate Default Cluster for Windowing
dutyCycleCalculate the duty cycle of a wave
entropyStatsVarious measurements of frequency values for a Wave object
frequencySoundGet the frequency from wavelength and speed of sound
frequencyStatsVarious measurements of frequency values for a Wave object
generateNoiseAdd noise to a soundwave
gs_transcribeGoogle Speech API Transcribe
jitterCalculate the jitter in a Wave object
labelPaddingPad labels with interval
labelReductionCombines labels which overlap into single continuous regions
naturalFrequencyCalculate the natural frequency
ntdNatural Time Domain
parseFilenameParse a filename
pd_dietrich2004Pulse detection using Dietrich (2004)
pd_simpleSimplified pulse detection using Dietrich (2004)
P_rThe radar equation
pulseDetectionPulse detection
pulseIntervalsPulse intervals
radar.rangeRadar range
rainfallDetectionRainfall detection
readAudioRead an audio file
referenceIntensityReference intensity
referencePressureReference pressure
resonantFrequencyCalculate the resonant frequency
sDurationSample duration
sheepFrequencyStatsSheep frequencyStats
shimmerCalculate the shimmer in a Wave object
soundSpeedCalculate the speed of sound in a medium
soundSpeed_cramer1993Speed of sound in air using Cramer (1993)
soundSpeedMediumGet the speed of sound in a medium
specStatsCalculate and plot statistics on a frequency spectrum
steShort term energy
STPSTP: Standard Temperature and Pressure
subtractSpectraSubtract two spectra from seewave
sweptsineGenerate a frequency-swept sine wave
tSamplesSamples per time period
typicalVolumeTypical volumes
upsampleUpsample a wave
validateIsWaveCheck an object is a Wave object
windowingWindowing Function for Wave Objects
windowing.functionsList available windowing functions
zerocrossIdentify zero crossings in a Wave object
zeroSpectrumZero spectrum
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