Man pages for spaMM
Mixed-Effect Models, Particularly Spatial Models

anova.HLfitLikelihood ratio test of fixed effects.
arabidopsisArabidopsis genetic and climatic data
autoregressiveFitting autoregressive models
blackcapGenetic polymorphism in relation to migration in the blackcap
COMPoissonConway-Maxwell-Poisson (COM-Poisson) GLM family
confintConfidence intervals for fixed-effect parameters
corMaternMatern Correlation Structure as a corSpatial object
corrHLfitFits a mixed model, typically a spatial GLMM.
corrMatrixUsing a corrMatrix argument
covStructSpecifying correlation structures
designL.from.CorrComputation of "square root" of correlation matrix
extractorsFunctions to extract various components of a fit
fitmeFitting function for fixed- and mixed-effect models with GLM...
fixedFixing some parameters
fixed.LRTLikelihood ratio test of fixed effects.
freightFreight dataset
GLM.fitFitting generalized linear models without initial-value or...
good-practiceClear and trustworthy formulas
HLCorFits a (spatially) correlated mixed model, for given...
HLfitFit mixed models with given correlation matrix
inverse.GammaDistribution families for Gamma and inverse Gamma-distributed...
LoaloaLoa loa prevalence in North Cameroon, 1991-2001
make.scaled.distScaled distances between unique locations
mapMMColorful plots of predicted responses in two-dimensional...
Matern.corrMatern correlation function and Matern formula term.
multinomialAnalyzing multinomial data
negbinFamily function for GLMs and mixed models with negative...
optionsspaMM options settings
pedigreeFit mixed-effects models incorporating pedigrees
phiHGLMFitting random effects in the residual dispersion model
plot.HLModel checking plots for mixed models
PLS-internalsInternal, Experimental Functions for procedure using the...
poissonFamily function for GLMs and mixed models with Poisson and...
predictPrediction from a model fit.
PredictorInterface for model formulas
rankinfoChecking the rank of the fixed-effects design matrix
salamanderSalamander mating data
scotlipLip cancer in Scotland 1975 - 1980
seaMaskMasks of seas or lands
seedsSeed germination data
separationChecking separation in binomial-response models
simulate.HLCorSimulate realizations of a fitted model.
spaMMInference in mixed models, in particular spatial GLMMs
spaMMcolorsA flashy color palette.
spaMM-conventionsspaMM conventions and differences from related fitting...
spaMM.filled.contourLevel (Contour) Plots with better aspect ratio control (for...
spaMM-internalInternal spaMM Functions
spaMM-internal-RcppInternal spaMM Functions using Rcpp/RcppEigen
spaMM-S3S3 methods of generics defined in other packages
sparse_precisionSparse_precision algorithm
stripHLfitReduce the size of fitted objects
summary.HLSummary and print methods for fit and test results.
sym_svdSingular Value Decomposition of a Symmetric Matrix
updateUpdates an HLCor or HLfit fit
wafersData from a resistivity experiment for semiconductor...
weldingWelding data set
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