Man pages for spaMM
Mixed-Effect Models, Particularly Spatial Models

adjlgSimulated data set for testing sparse-precision code
AICExtractors for informations criteria such as AIC
anova.HLfitLikelihood ratio test of fixed effects.
arabidopsisArabidopsis genetic and climatic data
autoregressiveFitting autoregressive models
blackcapGenetic polymorphism in relation to migration in the blackcap
CauchyCorrCauchy correlation function and Cauchy formula term
COMPoissonConway-Maxwell-Poisson (COM-Poisson) GLM family
confintConfidence intervals for fixed-effect parameters
corMaternMatern Correlation Structure as a corSpatial object
corr_family'corr_family' objects
corrHLfitFits a mixed model, typically a spatial GLMM.
corrMatrixUsing a corrMatrix argument
covStructSpecifying correlation structures
designL.from.CorrComputation of "square root" of correlation matrix
extractorsFunctions to extract various components of a fit
fitmeFitting function for fixed- and mixed-effect models with GLM...
fixedFixing some parameters
fixed.LRTLikelihood ratio test of fixed effects.
freightFreight dataset
get_matrixFunctions to extract various matrices used in fitting a...
get_ranParsOperations on lists of parameters
GLM.fitFitting generalized linear models without initial-value or...
good-practiceClear and trustworthy formulas
HLCorFits a (spatially) correlated mixed model, for given...
HLfitFit mixed models with given correlation matrix
howExtract information about how an object was obtained
inverse.GammaDistribution families for Gamma and inverse Gamma-distributed...
is_separatedChecking for (quasi-)separation in binomial-response model.
LoaloaLoa loa prevalence in North Cameroon, 1991-2001
make.scaled.distScaled distances between unique locations
mapMMColorful plots of predicted responses in two-dimensional...
Matern.corrMatern correlation function and Matern formula term.
mat_sqrtComputation of "square root" of symmetric positive definite...
MSFDRMultiple-Stage False Discovery Rate procedure
multinomialAnalyzing multinomial data
negbinFamily function for GLMs and mixed models with negative...
optionsspaMM options settings
pedigreeFit mixed-effects models incorporating pedigrees
phiHGLMFitting random effects in the residual dispersion model
plot.HLModel checking plots for mixed models
PLS-internalsInternal, Experimental Functions for procedure using the...
poissonFamily function for GLMs and mixed models with Poisson and...
predictPrediction from a model fit.
rankinfoChecking the rank of the fixed-effects design matrix
salamanderSalamander mating data
scotlipLip cancer in Scotland 1975 - 1980
seaMaskMasks of seas or lands
seedsSeed germination data
separationChecking separation in binomial-response models
simulate.HLCorSimulate realizations of a fitted model.
spaMMInference in mixed models, in particular spatial GLMMs
spaMM_bootParametric bootstrap
spaMMcolorsA flashy color palette.
spaMM-conventionsspaMM conventions and differences from related fitting...
spaMM.filled.contourLevel (Contour) Plots with better aspect ratio control (for...
spaMM-internalInternal spaMM Functions
spaMM-S3S3 methods of generics defined in other packages
sparse_precisionSparse_precision algorithm
stripHLfitReduce the size of fitted objects
summary.HLSummary and print methods for fit and test results.
sym_svdSingular Value Decomposition of a Symmetric Matrix
updateUpdates an HLCor or HLfit fit
vcovExtract covariance or correlation matrices from a fitted...
wafersData from a resistivity experiment for semiconductor...
weldingWelding data set
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