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Bindings for Stencila Schema

AnyAny type
ArrayArray type
ArrayValidatorA validator specifying constraints on an array node.
ArticleAn article, including news and scholarly articles.
as_scalarDeclare that a node is scalar
as_typeCoerce a value to conform to the type Principally, marks...
AudioObjectAn audio file
BlockContentUnion type for valid block content.
BooleanValidatorA schema specifying that a node must be a boolean value.
BrandA brand used by an organization or person for labeling a...
check_propertyCheck that a value is present if required and conforms to the...
CiteA reference to a CreativeWork that is cited in another...
CiteGroupA group of 'Cite' nodes
CodeBase type for code nodes e.g. 'CodeBlock', 'CodeExpression'.
CodeBlockA code block.
CodeBlockTypesAll type schemas that are derived from CodeBlock
CodeChunkA executable chunk of code.
CodeErrorAn error that occurred when parsing, compiling or executing a...
CodeExpressionAn expression defined in programming language source code.
CodeFragmentInline code.
CodeFragmentTypesAll type schemas that are derived from CodeFragment
CodeTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Code
CollectionA created collection of CreativeWorks or other artefacts.
CommentA comment on an item, e.g on a Article, or...
ConstantValidatorA validator specifying a constant value that a node must...
ContactPointA contact point, for example, a R&D department.
ContactPointTypesAll type schemas that are derived from ContactPoint
CreativeWorkA creative work, including books, movies, photographs,...
CreativeWorkTypesAll type schemas that are derived from CreativeWork
DatatableA table of data.
DatatableColumnA column of data within a Datatable.
DateA date encoded as a ISO 8601 string.
DefinedTermA word, name, acronym, phrase, etc. with a formal definition.
DeleteContent that is marked for deletion
EmphasisEmphasised content.
EntityThe most simple compound (ie. non-atomic like 'number',...
EntityTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Entity
EnumAn enumeration
EnumValidatorA schema specifying that a node must be one of several...
FigureEncapsulates one or more images, videos, tables, etc, and...
FunctionA function with a name, which might take Parameters and...
GrantA grant, typically financial or otherwise quantifiable, of...
GrantTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Grant
ImageObjectAn image file.
IncludeA directive to include content from an external source (e.g....
InlineContentUnion type for valid inline content.
IntegerValidatorA validator specifying the constraints on an integer node.
is_classIs a value of a particular class
is_typeDoes a value conform to the type?
last_classGet the last class for an object The last class is usually...
LinkA hyperlink to other pages, sections within the same...
ListA list of items.
ListItemA single item in a list.
MarkA base class for nodes that mark some other inline content in...
MarkTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Mark
MathA mathematical variable or equation.
MathBlockA block of math, e.g an equation, to be treated as block...
MathFragmentA fragment of math, e.g a variable name, to be treated as...
MathTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Math
MediaObjectA media object, such as an image, video, or audio object...
MediaObjectTypesAll type schemas that are derived from MediaObject
MonetaryGrantA monetary grant.
NodeUnion type for all valid nodes.
NontextualAnnotationInline text that has a non-textual annotation.
NumberValidatorA validator specifying the constraints on a numeric node.
NumberValidatorTypesAll type schemas that are derived from NumberValidator
OrganizationAn organization such as a school, NGO, corporation, club,...
ParameterA parameter that can be set and used in evaluated code.
PeriodicalA periodical publication.
PersonA person (alive, dead, undead, or fictional).
PostalAddressA physical mailing address.
ProductAny offered product or service. For example, a pair of shoes;...
PropertyValueA property-value pair.
PublicationIssueA part of a successively published publication such as a...
PublicationVolumeA part of a successively published publication such as a...
QuoteInline, quoted content.
QuoteBlockA section quoted from somewhere else.
ReviewA review of an item, e.g of an Article, or...
SoftwareApplicationA software application.
SoftwareEnvironmentA computational environment.
SoftwareSessionDefinition of a compute session, including its software and...
SoftwareSourceCodeComputer programming source code. Example: Full (compile...
StringValidatorA schema specifying constraints on a string node.
StrongStrongly emphasised content.
SubscriptSubscripted content.
SuperscriptSuperscripted content.
TableA table.
TableCellA cell within a 'Table'.
TableRowA row within a Table.
ThematicBreakA thematic break, such as a scene change in a story, a...
ThingThe most generic type of item.
ThingTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Thing
TupleValidatorA validator specifying constraints on an array of...
UnionUnion type
ValidatorTypesUnion type for all validator types.
VariableA variable representing a name / value pair.
VariableTypesAll type schemas that are derived from Variable
VideoObjectA video file.
VolumeMountDescribes a volume mount from a host to container.
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