Man pages for stepp
Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP)

analyze.CumInc.steppAnalyze competing risks data using Cumulative Incidence...
analyze.KM.steppAnalyze survival data using Kaplan-Meier method
aspirinThe aspirin data set.
balance_exampleSample data to use with the 'balance_patients()' function.
balance_patientsUtility function for determining the optimal values for...
bigCIThe BIG 1-98 trial dataset for cumulative incidence STEPP.
bigKMThe BIG 1-98 trial dataset for Kaplan-Meier STEPP.
estimateThe standard generic function for all estimate methods
generateThe standard generic function for the generate method in...
gen.tailwinUtility function to generate tail-oriented window
simdataKMSimulated data for Kaplan-Meier STEPP analysis.
steppAnalyze survival or competing risks data
stepp.CIThe constructor to create the stmodelCI object
stepp.edgeThe method performs an edge analysis on the STEPP GLM model...
steppes-classClass '"steppes"'
stepp.GLMThe constructor to create the stmodelGLM object
stepp.KMThe constructor to create the stmodelKM object
stepp_plotA function to generate the stepp plots
stepp_printThe function to print the estimate, covariance matrices and...
stepp.rnoteThe method to print the release note for STEPP.
stepp.subpopThe constructor to create the stsubpop object and generate...
stepp_summaryThe function to produce a summary of the size and various...
stepp.testThe constructor to generate a complete steppes object with...
stepp.winThe constructor to create the stepp window object
stmodelCI-classClass '"stmodelCI"'
stmodel-classClass '"stmodel"'
stmodelGLM-classClass '"stmodelGLM"'
stmodelKM-classClass '"stmodelKM"'
stsubpop-classClass '"stsubpop"'
stwin-classClass '"stwin"'
testthe standard generic function for all test methods
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