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The function to produce a summary of the size and various attributes of each subpopulation


This function will be deprecated in the future. Please use S4 classes and corresponding generic functions e.g. summary, print and plot for future development.

A method to print the summary of the size and various attributes for each subpopulation used in the STEPP analysis.





a steppes object returned from stepp, analyze.KM.stepp or analyze.CumInc.stepp function


This function together with other old functions will be depreciated in the future. A new set of S4 classes are implemented to replace old interfaces. Please use them for future development.


Wai-ki Yip, David Zahrieh, Marco Bonetti, Bernard Cole, Ann Lazar, Richard Gelber

See Also

The S4 classes: stwin, stsubpop, stmodelKM, stmodelCI, stmodelCOX, stmodelGLM, and steppes.

Old functions to be deprecated: stepp, stepp_print, stepp_plot, analyze.KM.stepp, and analyze.CumInc.stepp


# set example in the documentation for the function stepp.

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