Man pages for stokes
The Exterior Calculus

AltAlternating multilinear forms
as.1formCoerce vectors to 1-forms
coeffsExtract and manipulate coefficients
consolidateVarious low-level helper functions
contractContractions of k-forms
crossCross products of k-tensors
dovsDimension of the underlying vector space
dxElementary forms
hodgeHodge star operator
innerInner product operator
issmallIs a form zero to within numerical precision?
keepKeep or drop variables
kinnerInner product of two kforms
OpsArithmetic Ops Group Methods for 'kform' and 'ktensor'...
printPrint methods for k-tensors and k-forms
rformRandom kforms and ktensors
scalarLose attributes
stokes-packageThe Exterior Calculus
symbolicSymbolic form
transformLinear transforms of k-forms
vector_cross_productThe Vector cross product
volumeThe volume element
wedgeWedge products
zapZap small values in k-forms and k-tensors
zeroZero tensors and zero forms
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