Man pages for summarytools
Tools to Quickly and Neatly Summarize Data

cleartmpDelete Temporary Html Files
define_keywordsModify Keywords Used In Outputs
descrUnivariate Statistics for Numerical Data
dfSummaryData frame Summary
examensBulletin de Notes (Donne simulees)
examsReport Cards - Simulated Data
freqFrequency Tables for Factors and Other Discrete Data
labelGet or Set Variable or Data Frame Labels
parse_argsExtract Data Information From Arguments Passed to Functions
print.listPrint Method for Objects of Class "list"
print.stbyPrint Method for Objects of Class "stby"
stbyObtain Grouped Statistics With summarytools
st_cssInclude *summarytools*' _css_ Into Active Document
st_optionsQuery and set summarytools global options
summarytools-packageExtensive Summarizing Tools With Flexible Output
tabagismeUsage du Tabac et etat de Sante (Donnees simulees)
tbConvert Summarytools Objects to Tibbles
tobaccoTobacco Use and Health - Simulated Dataset
unlabelClear Variable and Data Frame Label(s)
use_custom_langImport and use a custom language
what.isObtain Extended Properties of Objects
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