print.stby: Print Method for Objects of Class "stby"

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Print Method for Objects of Class “stby”


Displays a list comprised of summarytools objects created with stby.


## S3 method for class 'stby'
print(x, method = "pander", file = "", 
  append = FALSE, report.title = NA, table.classes = NA, 
  bootstrap.css = st_options('bootstrap.css'), 
  custom.css = st_options('custom.css'), silent = FALSE, 
  footnote = st_options('footnote'), 
  escape.pipe = st_options('escape.pipe'), ...)



A summarytools object, created by one of the four core functions (freq, descr, ctable, or dfSummary).


Character. One of “pander”, “viewer”, “browser”, or “render”. Default value for the print() method is “pander”; for view()/stview(), default is “viewer” if session is running in RStudio, “browser” otherwise. The main use for “render” is in R Markdown documents.


Character. File name to write output to. Defaults to “”.


Logical. Append output to existing file (specified using the file argument). FALSE by default.


Character. For html reports, this goes into the <title> tag. When left to NA (default), the first line of the heading section is used (e.g.: “Data Frame Summary”).


Character. Additional html classes to assign to output tables. Bootstrap css classes can be used. User-defined classes (see the custom.css argument) are also specified here. See details section. NA by default.


Logical. When generating an html document, include the “includes/stylesheets/bootstrap.min.css"” file content inside a <style type="text/css"> tag in the document's <head>. TRUE by default. Can be set globally with st_options.


Character. Path to a custom .css file. Classes defined in this must also appear in the table.classes parameter in order to be applied to the table(s). Can be set globally with st_options. NA by default.


Logical. Set to TRUE to hide console messages (e.g.: ignored variables or NaN to NA transformations). FALSE by default.


Character. Text to display just after html output tables. The default value (“default”) produces a two-line footnote indicating the package's name and version, the R version, and the current date. Has no effect on ascii or markdown content. Can contain standard html tags. Set to NA to omit. Can be set globally with st_options.


Logical. Set to TRUE when style="grid" and file argument is supplied if the intent is to generate a text file that can be converted to other formats using Pandoc. Can be set globally with st_options.


Additional arguments used to override attributes stored in the object, or to change formatting via format or pander. See Details.

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