Man pages for survey
Analysis of Complex Survey Samples

anova.svyglmModel comparison for glms.
apiStudent performance in California schools
as.fpcPackage sample and population size data
as.svrepdesignConvert a survey design to use replicate weights
as.svydesign2Update to the new survey design format
barplot.svystatBarplots and Dotplots
bootweightsCompute survey bootstrap weights
brrweightsCompute replicate weights
calibrateCalibration (GREG) estimators
compressWeightsCompress replicate weight matrix
confint.svyglmConfidence intervals for regression parameters
crowdHousehold crowding
dimnames.DBIsvydesignDimensions of survey designs
electionUS 2004 presidential election data at state or county level
estweightsEstimated weights for missing data
fpcSmall survey example
ftable.svystatLay out tables of survey statistics
hadamardHadamard matrices
hospitalSample of obstetric hospitals
HRWrappers for specifying PPS designs
make.calfunCalibration metrics
marginpredStandardised predictions (predictive margins) for regression...
mu284Two-stage sample from MU284
mycoAssociation between leprosy and BCG vaccination
nhanesCholesterol data from a US survey
nonresponseExperimental: Construct non-response weights
oldsvyquantileDeprecated implementation of quantiles
open.DBIsvydesignOpen and close DBI connections
paleyPaley-type Hadamard matrices
pchisqsumDistribution of quadratic forms
poisson_samplingSpecify Poisson sampling design
postStratifyPost-stratify a survey
rakeRaking of replicate weight design
regTermTestWald test for a term in a regression model
salamanderSalamander mating data set from McCullagh and Nelder (1989)
scdSurvival in cardiac arrest
SEExtract standard errors
stratsampleTake a stratified sample
subset.survey.designSubset of survey
surveyoptionsOptions for the survey package
surveysummarySummary statistics for sample surveys
svrepdesignSpecify survey design with replicate weights
svrVarCompute variance from replicates
svybySurvey statistics on subsets
svycdfCumulative Distribution Function
svychisqContingency tables for survey data
svycipropConfidence intervals for proportions
svycontrastLinear and nonlinearconstrasts of survey statistics
svycoplotConditioning plots of survey data
svycoxphSurvey-weighted Cox models.
svyCprodComputations for survey variances
svycralphaCronbach's alpha
svydesignSurvey sample analysis.
svyfactanalFactor analysis in complex surveys (experimental).
svyglmSurvey-weighted generalised linear models.
svygofchisqTest of fit to known probabilities
svyhistHistograms and boxplots
svyivregTwo-stage least-squares for instrumental variable regression
svykappaCohen's kappa for agreement
svykmEstimate survival function.
svyloglinLoglinear models
svylogrankCompare survival distributions
svymleMaximum pseudolikelihood estimation in complex surveys
svynlsProbability-weighted nonlinear least squares
svyolrProportional odds and related models
svyplotPlots for survey data
svyprcompSampling-weighted principal component analysis
svypredmeansPredictive marginal means
svyqqplotQuantile-quantile plots for survey data
svyquantileQuantiles under complex sampling.
svyranktestDesign-based rank tests
svyratioRatio estimation
svyrecvarVariance estimation for multistage surveys
svyscoretestScore tests in survey regression models
svysmoothScatterplot smoothing and density estimation
svystandardizeDirect standardization within domains
svysurvregFit accelerated failure models to survey data
svyttestDesign-based t-test
svy.varcoefSandwich variance estimator for glms
trimWeightsTrim sampling weights
twophaseTwo-phase designs
update.survey.designAdd variables to a survey design
weights.survey.designSurvey design weights
withPV.survey.designAnalyse plausible values in surveys
withReplicatesCompute variances by replicate weighting
with.svyimputationListAnalyse multiple imputations
xdesignCrossed effects and other sparse correlations
yrbsOne variable from the Youth Risk Behaviors Survey, 2015.
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