heart: Stanford Heart Transplant data

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Stanford Heart Transplant data


Survival of patients on the waiting list for the Stanford heart transplant program.


data(heart, package="survival")


jasa: original data

birth.dt: birth date
accept.dt: acceptance into program
tx.date: transplant date
fu.date: end of followup
fustat: dead or alive
surgery: prior bypass surgery
age: age (in years)
futime: followup time
wait.time: time before transplant
transplant: transplant indicator
mismatch: mismatch score
hla.a2: particular type of mismatch
mscore: another mismatch score
reject: rejection occurred

jasa1, heart: processed data

start, stop, event: Entry and exit time and status for this interval of time
age: age-48 years
year: year of acceptance (in years after 1 Nov 1967)
surgery: prior bypass surgery 1=yes
transplant: received transplant 1=yes
id: patient id


J Crowley and M Hu (1977), Covariance analysis of heart transplant survival data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 72, 27–36.

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