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Survival Analysis

aaregAalen's additive regression model for censored data
aeqSurvAdjudicate near ties in a Surv object
aggregate.survfitAverage survival curves
agreg.fitCox model fitting functions
amlAcute Myelogenous Leukemia survival data
anova.coxphAnalysis of Deviance for a Cox model.
attrassignCreate new-style "assign" attribute
basehazAlias for the survfit function
bladderBladder Cancer Recurrences
blogitBounded link functions
brierCompute the Brier score for a Cox model
cchFits proportional hazards regression model to case-cohort...
cgdChronic Granulotamous Disease data
cgd0Chronic Granulotomous Disease data
cipoissonConfidence limits for the Poisson
clogitConditional logistic regression
clusterIdentify clusters.
colonChemotherapy for Stage B/C colon cancer
concordanceCompute the concordance statistic for data or a model
concordancefitCompute the concordance
coxphFit Proportional Hazards Regression Model
coxph.controlAncillary arguments for controlling coxph fits
coxph.detailDetails of a Cox Model Fit
coxphms.objectMulti-state Proportional Hazards Regression Object
coxph.objectProportional Hazards Regression Object
coxph.wtestCompute a quadratic form
coxsurv.fitA direct interface to the 'computational engine' of...
cox.zphTest the Proportional Hazards Assumption of a Cox Regression
diabeticDdiabetic retinopathy
dsurvregDistributions available in survreg.
finegrayCreate data for a Fine-Gray model
flchainAssay of serum free light chain for 7874 subjects.
frailtyRandom effects terms
gbsgBreast cancer data sets used in Royston and Altman (2013)
heartStanford Heart Transplant data
hoelMouse cancer data
is.ratetableVerify that an object is of class ratetable.
kidneyKidney catheter data
levels.SurvReturn the states of a multi-state Surv object
lines.survfitAdd Lines or Points to a Survival Plot
loganData from the 1972-78 GSS data used by Logan
logLik.coxphlogLik method for a Cox model
lungNCCTG Lung Cancer Data
mgusMonoclonal gammopathy data
mgus2Monoclonal gammopathy data
model.frame.coxphModel.frame method for coxph objects
model.matrix.coxphModel.matrix method for coxph models
myeloidAcute myeloid leukemia
myelomaSurvival times of patients with multiple myeloma
nafldNon-alcohol fatty liver disease
neardateFind the index of the closest value in data set 2, for each...
nskNatural splines with knot heights as the basis.
nwtcoData from the National Wilm's Tumor Study
ovarianOvarian Cancer Survival Data
pbcMayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cholangitis Data
pbcseqMayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, sequential data
plot.aaregPlot an aareg object.
plot.cox.zphGraphical Test of Proportional Hazards
plot.survfitPlot method for 'survfit' objects
predict.coxphPredictions for a Cox model
predict.survregPredicted Values for a 'survreg' Object
print.aaregPrint an aareg object
print.summary.coxphPrint method for summary.coxph objects
print.summary.survexpPrint Survexp Summary
print.summary.survfitPrint Survfit Summary
print.survfitPrint a Short Summary of a Survival Curve
pseudoPseudo values for survival.
psplineSmoothing splines using a pspline basis
pyearsPerson Years
quantile.survfitQuantiles from a survfit object
ratetableAllow ratetable() terms in a model
ratetableDateConvert date objects to ratetable form
ratsRat treatment data from Mantel et al
rats2Rat data from Gail et al.
reliabilityReliability data sets
residuals.coxphCalculate Residuals for a 'coxph' Fit
residuals.survfitIJ residuals from a survfit object.
residuals.survregCompute Residuals for 'survreg' Objects
retinopathyDiabetic Retinopathy
rhDNaserhDNASE data set
ridgeRidge regression
rotterdamBreast cancer data set used in Royston and Altman (2013)
roystonCompute Royston's D for a Cox model
rttrightCompute redistribute-to-the-right weights
solderData from a soldering experiment
stanford2More Stanford Heart Transplant data
statefigDraw a state space figure.
strataIdentify Stratification Variables
summary.aaregSummarize an aareg fit
summary.coxphSummary method for Cox models
summary.pyearsSummary function for pyears objecs
summary.survexpSummary function for a survexp object
summary.survfitSummary of a Survival Curve
SurvCreate a Survival Object
Surv2Create a survival object
Surv2dataConvert data from timecourse to (time1,time2) style
survcheckChecks of a survival data set
survcondenseShorten a (time1, time2) survival dataset
survdiffTest Survival Curve Differences
survexpCompute Expected Survival
survexp.fitCompute Expected Survival
survexp.objectExpected Survival Curve Object
survexp.usCensus Data Sets for the Expected Survival and Person Years...
survfitCreate survival curves
survfit0Convert the format of a survfit object.
survfit.coxphCompute a Survival Curve from a Cox model
survfitcoxph.fitA direct interface to the 'computational engine' of...
survfit.formulaCompute a Survival Curve for Censored Data
survfit.matrixCreate Aalen-Johansen estimates of multi-state survival from...
survfit.objectSurvival Curve Object
survival-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'survival'
survival-internalInternal survival functions
SurvmethodsMethods for Surv objects
survobrienO'Brien's Test for Association of a Single Variable with...
survregRegression for a Parametric Survival Model
survreg.controlPackage options for survreg and coxph
survreg.distributionsParametric Survival Distributions
survregDtestVerify a survreg distribution
survreg.objectParametric Survival Model Object
survSplitSplit a survival data set at specified times
tcutFactors for person-year calculations
tmergeTime based merge for survival data
tobinTobin's Tobit data
transplantLiver transplant waiting list
udcaData from a trial of usrodeoxycholic acid
untangle.specialsHelp Process the 'specials' Argument of the 'terms' Function.
uspop2Projected US Population
vcov.coxphVariance-covariance matrix
veteranVeterans' Administration Lung Cancer study
xtfrm.SurvSorting order for Surv objects
yatesPopulation prediction
yates_setupMethod for adding new models to the 'yates' function.
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