ovarian: Ovarian Cancer Survival Data

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Survival in a randomised trial comparing two treatments for ovarian cancer




futime: survival or censoring time
fustat: censoring status
age: in years
resid.ds: residual disease present (1=no,2=yes)
rx: treatment group
ecog.ps: ECOG performance status (1 is better, see reference)


Terry Therneau


Edmunson, J.H., Fleming, T.R., Decker, D.G., Malkasian, G.D., Jefferies, J.A., Webb, M.J., and Kvols, L.K., Different Chemotherapeutic Sensitivities and Host Factors Affecting Prognosis in Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma vs. Minimal Residual Disease. Cancer Treatment Reports, 63:241-47, 1979.

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