tempR: Temporal Sensory Data Analysis

Analysis and visualization of data from temporal sensory methods, including for temporal check-all-that-apply (TCATA) and temporal dominance of sensations (TDS).

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AuthorJ. C. Castura [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-03-08 08:22:38
MaintainerJ. C. Castura <jcastura@compusense.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adjust.brightness: Adjust color brightness

bars: TDS data set: snack bars

bootstrap.band: Get bootstrap confidence bands for attribute selections

convert.tcata: Convert TCATA data

convert.tcategory: Convert Temporal Category data

count.selections: Count attribute selections

dist.city.block: Calculate city block distance between two matrices

fill.gaps: Fills gaps

get.chance: TDS chance proportion

get.decluttered: Get decluttering matrix indicating where to show/hide...

get.differences: Get vector of difference in dominance rates

get.dominance.rates: Get TDS dominance rates

get.mat.diff.sign: Pairwise comparisons

get.significance: TDS significance proportion

get.significance.diff: Get least significant differences for pairwise comparisons

get.smooth: Convenience function for curve smoothing

get.times: Get times

lengthwhichis.na: Count observations with missing data

make.palettes: Convenience function for getting a pretty palette and...

ojtcata: TCATA data set: orange juice

ojtds: TDS data set: orange juice

plot_pca.trajectories: Plot trajectories based on Temporal Check-All-That-Apply...

pretty_palette: Get a pretty palette of colours

similarity.tcata.repeatability: Quantify TCATA assessor repeatability

similarity.tcata.replication: Quantify TCATA assessor replication

std.time: Time standardize results

syrah: TCATA data set: Syrah wines

tcata.diff.plot: TCATA difference plot

tcata.line.plot: Temporal Check-All-That-Apply (TCATA) curve

tds.diff.plot: Plot TDS difference curves

tds.plot: Plot TDS curves

tempR: tempR


adjust.brightness Man page
bars Man page
bootstrap.band Man page
convert.tcata Man page
convert.tcategory Man page
count.selections Man page
dist.city.block Man page
fill.gaps Man page
get.chance Man page
get.decluttered Man page
get.differences Man page
get.dominance.rates Man page
get.mat.diff.sign Man page
get.significance Man page
get.significance.diff Man page
get.smooth Man page
get.times Man page
lengthwhichis.na Man page
make.palettes Man page
ojtcata Man page
ojtds Man page
plot_pca.trajectories Man page
pretty_palette Man page
similarity.tcata.repeatability Man page
similarity.tcata.replication Man page
std.time Man page
syrah Man page
tcata.diff.plot Man page
tcata.line.plot Man page
tds.diff.plot Man page
tds.plot Man page
tempR Man page
tempR-package Man page

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