Man pages for tempR
Temporal Sensory Data Analysis

adjust.brightnessAdjust color brightness
barsTDS data set: snack bars
bootstrap.bandGet bootstrap confidence bands for attribute selections
convert.tcataConvert TCATA data
convert.tcategoryConvert Temporal Category data
count.selectionsCount attribute selections city block distance between two matrices
fill.gapsFills gaps
get.chanceTDS chance proportion
get.declutteredGet decluttering matrix indicating where to show/hide...
get.differencesGet vector of difference in dominance rates
get.dominance.ratesGet TDS dominance rates
get.mat.diff.signPairwise comparisons
get.significanceTDS significance proportion
get.significance.diffGet least significant differences for pairwise comparisons
get.smoothConvenience function for curve smoothing
get.timesGet times
lengthwhichis.naCount observations with missing data
make.palettesConvenience function for getting a pretty palette and...
ojtcataTCATA data set: orange juice
ojtdsTDS data set: orange juice
plot_pca.trajectoriesPlot trajectories based on Temporal Check-All-That-Apply...
pretty_paletteGet a pretty palette of colours
similarity.tcata.repeatabilityQuantify TCATA assessor repeatability
similarity.tcata.replicationQuantify TCATA assessor replication
std.timeTime standardize results
syrahTCATA data set: Syrah wines
tcata.diff.plotTCATA difference plot
tcata.line.plotTemporal Check-All-That-Apply (TCATA) curve
tds.diff.plotPlot TDS difference curves
tds.plotPlot TDS curves
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