Man pages for tfestimators
Interface to 'TensorFlow' Estimators

boosted_trees_estimatorsBoosted Trees Estimator
classifier_parse_example_specGenerates Parsing Spec for TensorFlow Example to be Used with...
column_baseBase Documentation for Feature Column Constructors
column_bucketizedConstruct a Bucketized Column
column_categorical_weightedConstruct a Weighted Categorical Column
column_categorical_with_hash_bucketRepresents Sparse Feature where IDs are set by Hashing
column_categorical_with_identityConstruct a Categorical Column that Returns Identity Values
column_categorical_with_vocabulary_fileConstruct a Categorical Column with a Vocabulary File
column_categorical_with_vocabulary_listConstruct a Categorical Column with In-Memory Vocabulary
column_crossedConstruct a Crossed Column
column_embeddingConstruct a Dense Column
column_indicatorRepresents Multi-Hot Representation of Given Categorical...
column_numericConstruct a Real-Valued Column
column-scopeEstablish a Feature Columns Selection Scope
dnn_estimatorsDeep Neural Networks
dnn_linear_combined_estimatorsLinear Combined Deep Neural Networks
estimatorConstruct a Custom Estimator
estimatorsBase Documentation for Canned Estimators
estimator_specDefine an Estimator Specification
eval_specConfiguration for the eval component of 'train_and_evaluate'
evaluate.tf_estimatorEvaluate an Estimator
experimentConstruct an Experiment
export_savedmodel.tf_estimatorSave an Estimator
feature_columnsFeature Columns
graph_keysStandard Names to Use for Graph Collections
hook_checkpoint_saverSaves Checkpoints Every N Steps or Seconds
hook_global_step_waiterDelay Execution until Global Step Reaches to...
hook_history_saverA Custom Run Hook for Saving Metrics History
hook_logging_tensorPrints Given Tensors Every N Local Steps, Every N Seconds, or...
hook_nan_tensorNaN Loss Monitor
hook_progress_barA Custom Run Hook to Create and Update Progress Bar During...
hook_step_counterSteps per Second Monitor
hook_stop_at_stepMonitor to Request Stop at a Specified Step
hook_summary_saverSaves Summaries Every N Steps
input_fnConstruct an Input Function
input_layerConstruct an Input Layer
keras_model_to_estimatorKeras Estimators
latest_checkpointGet the Latest Checkpoint in a Checkpoint Directory
linear_estimatorsConstruct a Linear Estimator
metric_keysCanonical Metric Keys
mode_keysCanonical Mode Keys
model_dirModel directory
numpy_input_fnConstruct Input Function Containing Python Dictionaries of...
plot.tf_estimator_historyPlot training history
prediction_keysCanonical Model Prediction Keys
predict.tf_estimatorGenerate Predictions with an Estimator
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
regressor_parse_example_specGenerates Parsing Spec for TensorFlow Example to be Used with...
run_configRun Configuration
session_run_argsCreate Session Run Arguments
session_run_hookCreate Custom Session Run Hooks
task_typeTask Types
tfestimatorsHigh-level Estimator API in TensorFlow for R
train_and_evaluate.tf_estimatorTrain and evaluate the estimator.
train-evaluate-predictBase Documentation for train, evaluate, and predict.
train_specConfiguration for the train component of 'train_and_evaluate'
train.tf_estimatorTrain an Estimator
variable_names_valuesGet variable names and values associated with an estimator
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