Man pages for tgp
Bayesian Treed Gaussian Process Models

btgpBayesian Nonparametric & Nonstationary Regression Models
default.itempsDefault Sigmoidal, Harmonic and Geometric Temperature Ladders
dopt.gpSequential D-Optimal Design for a Stationary Gaussian Process
exp2d2-d Exponential Data
exp2d.randRandom 2-d Exponential Data
exp2d.ZRandom Z-values for 2-d Exponential Data
friedman.1.dataFirst Friedman Dataset and a variation
interp.loessLowess 2-d interpolation onto a uniform grid
itempsFunctions to plot summary information about the sampled...
lhsLatin Hypercube sampling
mapTPlot the MAP partition, or add one to an existing plot
optim.tgpSurrogate-based optimization of noisy black-box function
partitionPartition data according to the MAP tree
plot.tgpPlotting for Treed Gaussian Process Models
predict.tgpPredict method for Treed Gaussian process models
sensMonte Carlo Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis
tgp.default.paramsDefault Treed Gaussian Process Model Parameters
tgp.designSequential Treed D-Optimal Design for Treed Gaussian Process...
tgp-internalInternal Treed Gaussian Process Model Functions
tgp-packageThe Treed Gaussian Process Model Package
tgp.treesPlot the MAP Tree for each height encountered by the Markov...
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