tgp-package: The Treed Gaussian Process Model Package

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A Bayesian nonstationary nonparametric regression and design package implementing an array of models of varying flexibility and complexity.


This package implements Bayesian nonstationary, semiparametric nonlinear regression with “treed Gaussian process models” with jumps to the limiting linear model (LLM). The package contains functions which facilitate inference for seven regression models of varying complexity using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC): linear model, CART (Classification and Regression Tree), treed linear model, Gaussian process (GP), GP with jumps to the LLM, GP single-index models, treed GPs, treed GP LLMs, and treed GP single-index models. R provides an interface to the C/C++ backbone, and a serves as mechanism for graphically visualizing the results of inference and posterior predictive surfaces under the models. A Bayesian Monte Carlo based sensitivity analysis is implemented, and multi-resolution models are also supported. Sequential experimental design and adaptive sampling functions are also provided, including ALM, ALC, and expected improvement. The latter supports derivative-free optimization of noisy black-box functions.

For a fuller overview including a complete list of functions, demos and vignettes, please use help(package="tgp").


Robert B. Gramacy,, and Matt Taddy,


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