exp2d: 2-d Exponential Data

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A 2-dimensional data set that can be used to validate non-stationary models.




A data frame with 441 observations on the following 4 variables.


Numeric vector describing the first dimension of X inputs


Numeric vector describing the second dimension of X inputs


Numeric vector describing the response Z(X)+N(0,sd=0.001)


Numeric vector describing the true response Z(X), without noise


The true response is evaluated as

Z(X) = X1 * exp(-X1^2 -X2^2).

Zero-mean normal noise with sd=0.001 has been added to the true response


This data is used in the examples of the functions listed below in the “See Also” section via the exp2d.rand function


Robert B. Gramacy, rbg@vt.edu, and Matt Taddy, mataddy@amazon.com


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See Also

exp2d.rand, exp2d.Z, btgp, and other b* functions

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