Man pages for tidytable
Tidy Interface to 'data.table'

acrossApply a function across a selection of columns
add_countAdd a count column to the data frame
arrangeArrange/reorder rows
as_tidytableCoerce an object to a data.table/tidytable
betweenDo the values from x fall between the left and right bounds?
bind_colsBind data.tables by row and column
c_acrossCombine values from multiple columns
case'data.table::fcase()' with vectorized default
case_matchVectorized 'switch()'
case_whenCase when
coalesceCoalesce missing values
completeComplete a data.table with missing combinations of data
consecutive_idGenerate a unique id for consecutive values
contextContext functions
countCount observations by group
crossingCreate a data.table from all unique combinations of inputs
cross_joinCross join
descDescending order
distinctSelect distinct/unique rows
drop_naDrop rows containing missing values
dtPipeable data.table call
enframeConvert a vector to a data.table/tidytable
expandExpand a data.table to use all combinations of values
expand_gridCreate a data.table from all combinations of inputs
extractExtract a character column into multiple columns using regex
fillFill in missing values with previous or next value
filterFilter rows on one or more conditions
firstExtract the first, last, or nth value from a vector
freadRead/write files
get_dummiesConvert character and factor columns to dummy variables
group_colsSelection helper for grouping columns
group_splitSplit data frame by groups
group_varsGet the grouping variables
if_allCreate conditions on a selection of columns
if_elseFast if_else
in-notinFast '%in%' and %notin% operators
inv_gcRun invisible garbage collection
is_grouped_dfCheck if the tidytable is grouped
is_tidytableTest if the object is a tidytable
lagGet lagging or leading values
left_joinJoin two data.tables together
mapApply a function to each element of a vector or list
mutateAdd/modify/delete columns
mutate_rowwiseAdd/modify columns by row
nNumber of observations in each group
na_ifConvert values to 'NA'
n_distinctCount the number of unique values in a vector
nestNest columns into a list-column
nest_byNest data.tables
nest_joinNest join
new_tidytableCreate a tidytable from a list
pickSelection version of 'across()'
pipePipe operator
pivot_longerPivot data from wide to long
pivot_widerPivot data from long to wide
pullPull out a single variable
rankRanking functions
recodeRecode values
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reframeReframe a data frame
relocateRelocate a column to a new position
renameRename variables by name
rename_withRename multiple columns
replace_naReplace missing values
rowwiseConvert to a rowwise tidytable
selectSelect or drop columns
separateSeparate a character column into multiple columns
separate_longer_delimSplit a string into rows
separate_rowsSeparate a collapsed column into multiple rows
separate_wider_delimSeparate a character column into multiple columns
separate_wider_regexSeparate a character column into multiple columns using regex...
sliceChoose rows in a data.table
summarizeAggregate data using summary statistics
tidytableBuild a data.table/tidytable
tidytable-vctrsInternal vctrs methods
top_nSelect top (or bottom) n rows (by value)
transmuteAdd new variables and drop all others
tribbleRowwise tidytable creation
uncountUncount a data.table
uniteUnite multiple columns by pasting strings together
unnestUnnest list-columns
unnest_longerUnnest a list-column of vectors into regular columns
unnest_widerUnnest a list-column of vectors into a wide data frame
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