Defines functions tmap_format_add tmap_format

Documented in tmap_format tmap_format_add

#' Get or add format options
#' Format options are tmap options that are shape dependent. With \code{tmap_format()} the predefined formats can be retrieved. The values for a specific format can be retrieved with \code{tmap_format(format)}, where format is the name of the format. The function \code{tmap_format_add} is used to add a format.
#' @param format name of the format. Run \code{tmap_format()} to see the choices.
#' @return the function \code{tmap_format()} returns the names of the available formats. When \code{format} is defined, it returns the option list corresponding the that format.
#' @seealso \code{\link{tm_layout}} for predefined styles, \code{\link{tmap_style_catalogue}} to create a style catalogue of all available styles, and \code{\link{tmap_options}} for tmap options.
#' @example ./examples/tmap_format.R
#' @seealso \code{\link{tmap_options}} for tmap options
#' @rdname tmap_format
#' @export
tmap_format <- function(format) {
	.tmapFormats <- get("tmapFormats", envir = .TMAP_CACHE)
	formats <- names(.tmapFormats)
	if (missing(format)) {
		if (get("tmapOptions", envir = .TMAP_CACHE)$show.messages) message("available formats are: \"", paste(formats, collapse = "\", \""), "\" ")
	} else if (format %in% formats) {
	} else {
		stop("format unknown")

#' @rdname tmap_format
#' @name tmap_format_add
#' @param ...  options from \code{\link{tm_layout}} or \code{\link{tm_view}}. Can also be a list of those options.
#' @param name name of the new format.
#' @export
tmap_format_add <- function(..., name) {
	args <- list(...)
	if (length(args)==1 && is.list(args[[1]])) args <- args[[1]]

	.tmapFormats <- get("tmapFormats", envir = .TMAP_CACHE)

	.tmapFormats[[name]] <- args
	assign("tmapFormats", .tmapFormats, envir = .TMAP_CACHE)
	if (get("tmapOptions", envir = .TMAP_CACHE)$show.messages) message("format ", name, " succesfully added. Use this format with tm_format(\"", name, "\")")

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