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Helpers for tidyverse development


These helpers follow tidyverse conventions which are generally a little stricter than the defaults, reflecting the need for greater rigor in commonly used packages.


use_tidy_github_actions(ref = NULL)

create_tidy_package(path, copyright_holder = NULL)








use_tidy_style(strict = TRUE)

use_tidy_logo(geometry = "240x278", retina = TRUE)

use_tidy_upkeep_issue(year = NULL)



Desired Git reference, usually the name of a tag ("v2") or branch ("main"). Other possibilities include a commit SHA ("d1c516d") or "HEAD" (meaning "tip of remote's default branch"). If not specified, defaults to the latest published release of r-lib/actions (https://github.com/r-lib/actions/releases).


A path. If it exists, it is used. If it does not exist, it is created, provided that the parent path exists.


Name of the copyright holder or holders. This defaults to "package name authors"; you should only change this if you use a CLA to assign copyright to a single entity.


Boolean indicating whether or not a strict version of styling should be applied. See styler::tidyverse_style() for details.


a magick::geometry string specifying size. The default assumes that you have a hex logo using spec from http://hexb.in/sticker.html.


TRUE, the default, scales the image on the README, assuming that geometry is double the desired size.


Approximate year when you last touched this package. If NULL, the default, will give you a full set of actions to perform.


  • use_tidy_github_actions(): Sets up the following workflows using GitHub Actions:

    • Run ⁠R CMD check⁠ on the current release, devel, and four previous versions of R. The build matrix also ensures ⁠R CMD check⁠ is run at least once on each of the three major operating systems (Linux, macOS, and Windows).

    • Report test coverage.

    • Build and deploy a pkgdown site.

    • Provide two commands to be used in pull requests: ⁠/document⁠ to run roxygen2::roxygenise() and update the PR, and ⁠/style⁠ to run styler::style_pkg() and update the PR.

      This is how the tidyverse team checks its packages, but it is overkill for less widely used packages. Consider using the more streamlined workflows set up by use_github_actions() or use_github_action_check_standard().

  • create_tidy_package(): creates a new package, immediately applies as many of the tidyverse conventions as possible, issues a few reminders, and activates the new package.

  • use_tidy_dependencies(): sets up standard dependencies used by all tidyverse packages (except packages that are designed to be dependency free).

  • use_tidy_description(): puts fields in standard order and alphabetises dependencies.

  • use_tidy_eval(): imports a standard set of helpers to facilitate programming with the tidy eval toolkit.

  • use_tidy_style(): styles source code according to the tidyverse style guide. This function will overwrite files! See below for usage advice.

  • use_tidy_contributing(): adds standard tidyverse contributing guidelines.

  • use_tidy_issue_template(): adds a standard tidyverse issue template.

  • use_tidy_release_test_env(): updates the test environment section in cran-comments.md.

  • use_tidy_support(): adds a standard description of support resources for the tidyverse.

  • use_tidy_coc(): equivalent to use_code_of_conduct(), but puts the document in a ⁠.github/⁠ subdirectory.

  • use_tidy_github(): convenience wrapper that calls use_tidy_contributing(), use_tidy_issue_template(), use_tidy_support(), use_tidy_coc().

  • use_tidy_github_labels() calls use_github_labels() to implement tidyverse conventions around GitHub issue label names and colours.

  • use_tidy_upkeep_issue() creates an issue containing a checklist of actions to bring your package up to current tidyverse standards.

  • use_tidy_logo() calls use_logo() on the appropriate hex sticker PNG file at https://github.com/rstudio/hex-stickers.


Uses the styler package package to style all code in a package, project, or directory, according to the tidyverse style guide.

Warning: This function will overwrite files! It is strongly suggested to only style files that are under version control or to first create a backup copy.

Invisibly returns a data frame with one row per file, that indicates whether styling caused a change.

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