Man pages for usethis
Automate Package and Project Setup

badgesREADME badges
browse_github_tokenDefunct GitHub functions
browse-thisVisit important project-related web pages
create_from_githubCreate a project from a GitHub repo
create_packageCreate a package or project
editOpen configuration files
edit_fileOpen file for editing
git_credentialsDefunct git2r functions
git-default-branchGet or set the default Git branch
github-tokenGet help with GitHub personal access tokens
git_protocolSee or set the default Git protocol
git_sitrepGit/GitHub sitrep
git_vaccinateVaccinate your global gitignore file
issue-thisHelpers for GitHub issues
licensesLicense a package
proj_activateActivate a project
proj_sitrepReport working directory and usethis/RStudio project
proj_utilsUtility functions for the active project
pr_pull_upstreamDefunct PR functions
pull-requestsHelpers for GitHub pull requests
rename_filesAutomatically rename paired R/ and test/ files
rprofile-helperHelpers to make useful changes to '.Rprofile'
tidyverseHelpers for tidyverse development
uiUser interface
ui-questionsUser interface - Questions
use_addinAdd minimal RStudio Addin binding
use_authorAdd an author to the 'Authors@R' field in DESCRIPTION
use_blank_slateDon't save/load user workspace between sessions
use_build_ignoreAdd files to '.Rbuildignore'
use_citationCreate a CITATION template
use_code_of_conductAdd a code of conduct
use_course_detailsHelpers to download and unpack a ZIP file
use_coverageTest coverage
use_cpp11Use C++ via the cpp11 package
use_cran_commentsCRAN submission comments
use_dataCreate package data
use_data_tablePrepare for importing data.table
use_descriptionCreate or modify a DESCRIPTION file
use_directoryUse a directory
use_gitInitialise a git repository
use_git_configConfigure Git
use_git_hookAdd a git hook
use_githubConnect a local repo with GitHub
use_github_actionSet up a GitHub Actions workflow
use_github_actionsDefunct GitHub Actions workflows
use_github_actions_badgeGenerates a GitHub Actions badge
use_github_fileCopy a file from any GitHub repo into the current project
use_github_labelsManage GitHub issue labels
use_github_linksUse GitHub links in URL and BugReports
use_github_pagesConfigure a GitHub Pages site
use_github_releasePublish a GitHub release
use_git_ignoreTell Git to ignore files
use_gitlab_ciContinuous integration setup and badges
use_git_remoteConfigure and report Git remotes
use_import_fromImport a function from another package
use_jenkinsCreate Jenkinsfile for Jenkins CI Pipelines
use_latest_dependenciesUse "latest" versions of all dependencies
use_lifecycleUse lifecycle badges
use_logoUse a package logo
use_makeCreate Makefile
use_namespaceUse a basic 'NAMESPACE'
use_news_mdCreate a simple ''
use_packageDepend on another package
use_package_docPackage-level documentation
use_pipeUse magrittr's pipe in your package
use_pkgdownUse pkgdown
use_rCreate or edit R or test files
use_rcppUse C, C++, RcppArmadillo, or RcppEigen
use_readme_rmdCreate README files
use_release_issueCreate a release checklist in a GitHub issue
use_revdepReverse dependency checks
use_rmarkdown_templateAdd an RMarkdown Template
use_roxygen_mdUse roxygen2 with markdown
use_rstudioAdd RStudio Project infrastructure
use_rstudio_preferencesSet global RStudio preferences
use_spell_checkUse spell check
use_standaloneUse a standalone file from another repo
use_templateUse a usethis-style template
use_testthatSets up overall testing infrastructure
usethis_optionsOptions consulted by usethis
usethis-packageusethis: Automate Package and Project Setup
use_tibblePrepare to return a tibble
use_tidy_labelsDefunct tidyverse functions
use_tidy_thanksIdentify contributors via GitHub activity
use_travisDefunct Travis and Appveyor functions
use_tutorialCreate a learnr tutorial
use_upkeep_issueCreate an upkeep checklist in a GitHub issue
use_versionIncrement package version
use_vignetteCreate a vignette or article
write-thisWrite into or over a file
zip-utilsDownload and unpack a ZIP file
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