Man pages for usethis
Automate Package and Project Setup

browse-thisQuickly browse to important package webpages
ciContinuous integration setup
create_from_githubCreate a repo and project from GitHub
create_packageCreate a new package or project
editOpen useful configuration files
licensesUse MIT, GPL-3, or Apache 2.0 license for your package
proj_getGet and set currently active project
tidyverseHelpers for the tidyverse
use_badgeUse a README badge
use_blank_slateDon't save/load user workspace between sessions
use_build_ignoreAdd files to '.Rbuildignore'
use_code_of_conductAdd a code of conduct
use_courseDownload course materials
use_course_detailsDownload and unpack a ZIP file
use_cran_badgeCreate a CRAN badge
use_cran_commentsCRAN submission comments
use_dataCreate package data
use_depsy_badgeCreate a Depsy badge
use_descriptionCreate a default DESCRIPTION file for a package.
use_dev_versionIncrement to a development version
use_directoryUse a directory.
use_gitInitialise a git repository.
use_git_hookAdd a git hook.
use_githubConnect a local repo with GitHub.
use_github_labelsCreate standard github labels for labelling issues.
use_git_ignoreTell git to ignore files
use_lifecycle_badgeCreate a life cycle badge
use_namespaceUse a basic 'NAMESPACE'
use_news_mdCreate a simple ''
use_packageUse specified package.
use_package_docPackage-level documentation
use_pipeUse magrittr's pipe in your package
use_pkgdownUse pkgdown
use_rCreate a new R file
use_rcppUse Rcpp
use_readme_rmdCreate README files.
use_revdepReverse dependency checks
use_rmarkdown_templateAdd an RMarkdown Template
use_roxygen_mdUse roxygen with markdown
use_rstudioUse RStudio
use_templateUse a usethis-style template
use_testthatCreate tests
usethis-packageusethis: Automate Package and Project Setup
use_tidy_styleStyle according to the tidyverse style guide
use_usethisMake usethis available interactively
use_vignetteCreate a vignette
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