use_rstudio: Add RStudio Project infrastructure

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Add RStudio Project infrastructure


It is likely that you want to use create_project() or create_package() instead of use_rstudio()! Both ⁠create_*()⁠ functions can add RStudio Project infrastructure to a pre-existing project or package. use_rstudio() is mostly for internal use or for those creating a usethis-like package for their organization. It does the following in the current project, often after executing proj_set(..., force = TRUE):

  • Creates an .Rproj file

  • Adds RStudio files to .gitignore

  • Adds RStudio files to .Rbuildignore, if project is a package


use_rstudio(line_ending = c("posix", "windows"), reformat = TRUE)



Line ending


If TRUE, the .Rproj is setup with common options that reformat files on save: adding a trailing newline, trimming trailing whitespace, and setting the line-ending. This is best practice for new projects.

If FALSE, these options are left unset, which is more appropriate when you're contributing to someone else's project that does not have its own .Rproj file.

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