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Add a code of conduct


Adds a file to the active project and lists in .Rbuildignore, in the case of a package. The goal of a code of conduct is to foster an environment of inclusiveness, and to explicitly discourage inappropriate behaviour. The template comes from, version 2.1:


use_code_of_conduct(contact, path = NULL)



Contact details for making a code of conduct report. Usually an email address.


Path of the directory to put in, relative to the active project. Passed along to use_directory(). Default is to locate at top-level, but ⁠.github/⁠ is also common.


If your package is going to CRAN, the link to the CoC in your README must be an absolute link to a rendered website as is not included in the package sent to CRAN. use_code_of_conduct() will automatically generate this link if (1) you use pkgdown and (2) have set the url field in ⁠_pkgdown.yml⁠; otherwise it will link to a copy of the CoC on

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