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Depend on another package


use_package() adds a CRAN package dependency to DESCRIPTION and offers a little advice about how to best use it. use_dev_package() adds a dependency on an in-development package, adding the dev repo to Remotes so it will be automatically installed from the correct location. There is no helper to remove a dependency: to do that, simply remove that package from your DESCRIPTION file.

use_package() exists to support a couple of common maneuvers:

  • Add a dependency to Imports or Suggests or LinkingTo.

  • Add a minimum version to a dependency.

  • Specify the minimum supported version for R.

use_package() probably works for slightly more exotic modifications, but at some point, you should edit DESCRIPTION yourself by hand. There is no intention to account for all possible edge cases.


use_package(package, type = "Imports", min_version = NULL)

use_dev_package(package, type = "Imports", remote = NULL)



Name of package to depend on.


Type of dependency: must be one of "Imports", "Depends", "Suggests", "Enhances", or "LinkingTo" (or unique abbreviation). Matching is case insensitive.


Optionally, supply a minimum version for the package. Set to TRUE to use the currently installed version.


By default, an OWNER/REPO GitHub remote is inserted. Optionally, you can supply a character string to specify the remote, e.g. "gitlab::jimhester/covr", using any syntax supported by the remotes package.

See Also

The dependencies section of R Packages.


## Not run: 
use_package("dplyr", "suggests")

# Depend on R version 4.1
use_package("R", type = "Depends", min_version = "4.1")

## End(Not run)

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