Superclass for storing a set of rich expressions.



Superclass for storing a set of rich expressions.


This class is aimed at developers of this package or packages depending on it, not at users. It is the parent object of both the validator and the indicator class.

An expressionset is a reference class storing a list of rules. It contains a number of methods that are not exported and may change or dissapear without notice. We strongly encourage developers to use the exported S4 generics to set or extract variables

Exported S4 methods for expressionset

  • variables

  • names

  • length,expressionset-method

  • created

  • origin

  • labels

  • description

  • [,expressionset-method

  • [[,expressionset-method

  • summary,expressionset-method

Private S4 methods for expressionset

  • validating

  • linear

  • is_tran_assign

See also

  • rule

  • validator

  • indicator

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