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Data Validation Infrastructure

aggregate-validation-methodAggregate validation results to 'data.frame' object to data frame an expressionset to data.frame
barplot-validation-methodPlot number of violations
cellsCell counts and differences for a series of datasets
check_thatSimple data validation interface
compareCompare similar data sets
confrontConfront data with a (set of) expressionset(s)
confrontation-classSuperclass storing results of confronting data with rules
createdCreation timestamp
created-setSet creation timestamp
created-set-expressionset-POSIXct-methodSet timestamps
created-set-rule-POSIXct-methodSet creation timestamp
descriptiondescription description
description-setSet description
description-set-expressionset-character-methodSet descriptions
description-set-rule-character-methodSet description
errorsGet messages from a confrontation object
export_yamlExport to yaml file
exprGet expressions
expressionset-classSuperclass for storing a set of rich expressions.
indication-classStore results of evaluating indicators
indicatorDefine indicators for data
indicator-classStore a set of rich indicator expressions
labellabel description of rules
label-setSet label
label-set-expressionset-character-methodSet labels
label-set-rule-character-methodSet label
lbj_cells-classLogging object to use with the lumberjack package
lbj_rules-classLogging object to use with the lumberjack package
lengthDetermine the number of elements in an object.
match_cellsCreate matching subsets of a sequence of data
names-expressionset-methodExtract names
names-set-expressionset-character-methodSet names
names-set-rule-character-methodSet names
nofunMissingness counters (DEPRECATED)
originOrigin of rules
origin-setSet origin
origin-set-expressionset-character-methodSet origins
origin-set-rule-character-methodSet origin
plus-indicator-indicator-methodCombine two indicator objects
plus-validator-validator-methodCombine two validator objects
retailersdata on retailers
rule-classA rich expression
selectSelect a subset
sort-validation-methodAggregate and sort the results of a validation.
syntaxSyntax to define validation or indicator rules
validateData Validation Infrastructure
validate_extendServices for extending 'validate'
validate-summaryCreate a summary
validation-classStore results of evaluating validating expressions
validatorDefine validation rules for data
validator-classStore a set of rich validating rules.
valuesGet values from object
variablesExtract variable names
voptionsSet or get options globally or per object.
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