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Data Validation Infrastructure

add_indicatorsAdd indicator values as columns to a data frame
aggregate-validation-methodAggregate validation results
all-validation-methodTest if all validations resulted in TRUE
any-validation-methodTest if any validation resulted in TRUE to 'data.frame' cellComparison objects to data frame a confrontation object to data frame an expressionset to data.frame a validatorComparison object to data frame
barplot-cellComparison-methodBarplot of cellComparison object
barplot-validation-methodPlot number of violations
barplot-validatorComparison-methodBarplot of validatorComparison object
cellsCell counts and differences for a series of datasets
check_thatSimple data validation interface
compareCompare similar data sets
confrontConfront data with a (set of) expressionset(s)
confrontation-classSuperclass storing results of confronting data with rules
contains_exactlyCheck records using a predifined table of (im)possible values
createdCreation timestamp
descriptionRule description
do_bysplit-apply-combine for vectors, with equal-length outptu
errorsGet messages from a confrontation object
eventGet or set event information metadata from a 'confrontation'...
exists_anyTest for (unique) existence
export_yamlExport to yaml file
exprGet expressions
expressionset-classSuperclass for storing a set of rich expressions.
field_formatCheck whether a field conforms to a regular expression
field_lengthCheck number of code points
hbHiridoglu-Berthelot function
hierarchyCheck aggregates defined by a hierarchical code list
indication-classStore results of evaluating indicators
indicatorDefine indicators for data
indicator-classStore a set of rich indicator expressions
in_rangeCheck variable range
is_completeTest for completeness of records
is_linear_sequenceCheck whether a variable represents a linear sequence
is_uniqueTest for uniquenes of records
keysetGet key set stored with a confrontation
labelRule label
lbj_cells-classLogging object to use with the lumberjack package
lbj_rules-classLogging object to use with the lumberjack package
lengthDetermine the number of elements in an object.
match_cellsCreate matching subsets of a sequence of data
metaGet or set rule metadata
nace_rev2NACE classification code table
namesExtract or set names
number_formatCheck the layouts of numbers.
originOrigin of rules
part_whole_relationTest whether details combine to a chosen aggregate
plot-cellComparison-methodLine graph of a cellComparison object.
plot-validation-methodPlot validation results
plot-validatorComparison-methodLine graph of validatorComparison object
plot-validator-methodPlot a validator object
plus-indicator-indicator-methodCombine two indicator objects
plus-validator-validator-methodCombine two validator objects
retailersdata on Dutch supermarkets
rule-classA rich expression
run_validation_fileRun a file with confrontations. Capture results
rxLabel objects for interpretation as pattern
samplonomyEconomic data on Samplonia
satisfyingSelect records (not) satisfying rules
sdmx_codelistGet code list from an SDMX REST API endpoint.
sdmx_endpointGet URL for known SDMX registry endpoints
selectSelect a subset
sort-validation-methodAggregate and sort the results of a validation.
subset-expressionset-methodReplace a subset of an expressionset with another...
sub-subset-expressionset-methodReplace a rule in a ruleseta
syntaxSyntax to define validation or indicator rules
validateData Validation Infrastructure
validate_extendServices for extending 'validate'
validate-summaryCreate a summary
validation-classStore results of evaluating validating expressions
validatorDefine validation rules for data
validator-classStore a set of rich validating rules.
validator_from_dsdExtract a rule set from an SDMX DSD file
valuesGet values from object
variablesGet variable names
vinA consistent set membership operator
voptionsSet or get options globally or per object.
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