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data on Dutch supermarkets


Anonymized and distorted data on revenue and cost structure for 60 retailers. Currency is in thousands of Euros. There are two data sets. The SBS2000 dataset is equal to the retailers data set except that it has a record identifier (called id) column.

  • id: A unique identifier (only in SBS2000)

  • size: Size class (0=undetermined)

  • incl.prob: Probability of inclusion in the sample

  • staff: Number of staff

  • turnover: Amount of turnover

  • other.rev: Amount of other revenue

  • total.rev: Total revenue

  • staff.costs: Costs assiciated to staff

  • total.costs: Total costs made

  • profit: Amount of profit

  • vat: Turnover reported for Value Added Tax


A csv file, one retailer per row.

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