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Simulated economic time series representing GDP, Import, Export and Balance of Trade (BOT) of Samplonia. Samplonia is a fictional Island invented by Jelke Bethelehem (2009). The country has 10 000 inhabitants. It consists of two provinces: Agria and Induston. Agria is a rural province consisting of the mostly fruit and vegetable producing district of Wheaton and the mostly cattle producing Greenham. Induston has four districts. Two districts with heavy industry named Smokeley and Mudwater. Newbay is a young, developing district while Crowdon is where the rich Samplonians retire. The current data set contains several time series from Samplonia's national accounts system in long format.

There are annual and quarterly time series on GDP, Import, Export and Balance of Trade, for Samplonia as a whole, for each province and each district. BOT is defined as Export-Import for each region and period; quarterly figures are expected to add up to annual figures for each region and measure, and subregions are expected to add up to their super-regions.

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An RData file.


J. Bethlehem (2009), Applied Survey Methods: A Statistical Perspective. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ.

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