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Community Ecology Package

add1.ccaAdd or Drop Single Terms to a Constrained Ordination Model
adipartAdditive Diversity Partitioning and Hierarchical Null Model...
adonisPermutational Multivariate Analysis of Variance Using...
anosimAnalysis of Similarities
anova.ccaPermutation Test for Constrained Correspondence Analysis,...
avgdistAveraged Subsampled Dissimilarity Matrices
BCIBarro Colorado Island Tree Counts
bealsBeals Smoothing and Degree of Absence
betadisperMultivariate homogeneity of groups dispersions (variances)
betadiverIndices of beta Diversity
bgdispersalCoefficients of Biogeographical Dispersal Direction
bioenvBest Subset of Environmental Variables with Maximum (Rank)...
biplot.rdaPCA biplot
capscale[Partial] Distance-based Redundancy Analysis
cascadeKMK-means partitioning using a range of values of K
cca[Partial] [Constrained] Correspondence Analysis and...
cca.objectResult Object from Constrained Ordination
CCorACanonical Correlation Analysis
clamtestMultinomial Species Classification Method (CLAM)
commsimCreate an Object for Null Model Algorithms
contribdivContribution Diversity Approach
decoranaDetrended Correspondence Analysis and Basic Reciprocal...
decostandStandardization Methods for Community Ecology
designdistDesign your own Dissimilarities
deviance.ccaStatistics Resembling Deviance and AIC for Constrained...
dispindmorisitaMorisita index of intraspecific aggregation
dispweightDispersion-based weighting of species counts
distconnectedConnectedness of Dissimilarities
diversityEcological Diversity Indices
duneVegetation and Environment in Dutch Dune Meadows.
dune.taxonTaxonomic Classification and Phylogeny of Dune Meadow Species
eigenvalsExtract Eigenvalues from an Ordination Object
envfitFits an Environmental Vector or Factor onto an Ordination
eventstarScale Parameter at the Minimum of the Tsallis Evenness...
fisherfitFit Fisher's Logseries and Preston's Lognormal Model to...
goodness.ccaDiagnostic Tools for [Constrained] Ordination (CCA, RDA, DCA,...
goodness.metaMDSGoodness of Fit and Shepard Plot for Nonmetric...
humpfitNo-interaction Model for Hump-backed Species Richness vs....
indpowerIndicator Power of Species
influence.ccaLinear Model Diagnostics for Constrained Ordination
isomapIsometric Feature Mapping Ordination
kendall.globalKendall coefficient of concordance
linestackPlots One-dimensional Diagrams without Overwriting Labels
make.cepnamesAbbreviates a Botanical or Zoological Latin Name into an...
mantelMantel and Partial Mantel Tests for Dissimilarity Matrices
mantel.correlogMantel Correlogram
MDSrotateRotate First MDS Dimension Parallel to an External Variable
metaMDSNonmetric Multidimensional Scaling with Stable Solution from...
miteOribatid Mite Data with Explanatory Variables
monoMDSGlobal and Local Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling and...
MOStestMitchell-Olds & Shaw Test for the Location of Quadratic...
mrppMulti Response Permutation Procedure and Mean Dissimilarity...
msoFunctions for performing and displaying a spatial...
multipartMultiplicative Diversity Partitioning
nestedtempNestedness Indices for Communities of Islands or Patches
nobs.adonisExtract the Number of Observations from a vegan Fit.
nullmodelNull Model and Simulation
oecosimuEvaluate Statistics with Null Models of Biological...
ordiarrowsAdd Arrows and Line Segments to Ordination Diagrams
ordiArrowTextXYSupport Functions for Drawing Vectors
ordihullDisplay Groups or Factor Levels in Ordination Diagrams
ordilabelAdd Text on Non-transparent Label to an Ordination Plot.
ordiplotAlternative plot and identify Functions for Ordination
ordipointlabelOrdination Plots with Points and Optimized Locations for Text
ordiresidsPlots of Residuals and Fitted Values for Constrained...
ordistepChoose a Model by Permutation Tests in Constrained Ordination
ordisurfFit and Plot Smooth Surfaces of Variables on Ordination.
orditkplotOrdination Plot with Movable Labels
orditorpAdd Text or Points to Ordination Plots
ordixyplotTrellis (Lattice) Plots for Ordination
pcnmPrincipal Coordinates of Neighbourhood Matrix
permatfullMatrix Permutation Algorithms for Presence-Absence and Count...
permustatsExtract, Analyse and Display Permutation Results
permutationsPermutation tests in Vegan
permutest.betadisperPermutation test of multivariate homogeneity of groups...
plot.ccaPlot or Extract Results of Constrained Correspondence...
prcPrincipal Response Curves for Treatments with Repeated...
predict.ccaPrediction Tools for [Constrained] Ordination (CCA, RDA, DCA,...
procrustesProcrustes Rotation of Two Configurations and PROTEST
pyrifosResponse of Aquatic Invertebrates to Insecticide Treatment
radfitRank - Abundance or Dominance / Diversity Models
rankindexCompares Dissimilarity Indices for Gradient Detection
rarefyRarefaction Species Richness
raupcrickRaup-Crick Dissimilarity with Unequal Sampling Densities of...
read.cepReads a CEP (Canoco) data file
renyiRenyi and Hill Diversities and Corresponding Accumulation...
reorder.hclustReorder a Hierarchical Clustering Tree
RsquareAdjAdjusted R-square
scoresGet Species or Site Scores from an Ordination
screeplot.ccaScreeplots for Ordination Results and Broken Stick...
simperSimilarity Percentages
simulate.rdaSimulate Responses with Gaussian Error or Permuted Residuals...
sipooBirds in the Archipelago of Sipoo (Sibbo and BorgÄ)
spantreeMinimum Spanning Tree
specaccumSpecies Accumulation Curves
specpoolExtrapolated Species Richness in a Species Pool
sppscoresAdd or Replace Species Scores in Distance-Based Ordination
SSarrheniusSelf-Starting nls Species-Area Models
stepacrossStepacross as Flexible Shortest Paths or Extended...
stressplot.wcmdscaleDisplay Ordination Distances Against Observed Distances in...
taxondiveIndices of Taxonomic Diversity and Distinctness
toleranceSpecies tolerances and sample heterogeneities
treediveFunctional Diversity and Community Distances from Species...
tsallisTsallis Diversity and Corresponding Accumulation Curves
varechemVegetation and environment in lichen pastures
varpartPartition the Variation of Community Matrix by 2, 3, or 4...
vegan-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'vegan'
vegan-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in vegan package
vegandocsDisplay vegan Documentation
vegan-internalInternal vegan functions
vegan-packageCommunity Ecology Package: Ordination, Diversity and...
vegdistDissimilarity Indices for Community Ecologists
vegemiteDisplay Compact Ordered Community Tables
wascoresWeighted Averages Scores for Species
wcmdscaleWeighted Classical (Metric) Multidimensional Scaling
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