#' @rdname vfpwgSunyiu24d2
#' @title Series of 24-2 static automated perimetry data for a patient with glaucoma 
#' @description This is real data for the right and left eyes, but the age has been changed
#' to protect anonymity of the subject. Courtesy of William H Swanson and Mitch W Dul
#' @format See section \code{Structure of visual fields data} in \code{\link{vfdesc}}
#' @seealso \code{\link{vfctrIowaPC26}}, \code{\link{vfctrIowaPeri}},
#'          \code{\link{vfctrSunyiu10d2}}, \code{\link{vfctrSunyiu24d2}},
#'          \code{\link{vfpwgRetest24d2}}
#' @keywords dataset

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