Man pages for withr
Run Code 'With' Temporarily Modified Global State

deferDefer Evaluation of an Expression
devicesGraphics devices
makevars_userShim for tools::makevars_user()
set_makevarsCreate a new 'Makevars' file, by adding new variables
with_Create a new "with" or "local" function
with_collateCollation Order
with_connectionConnections which close themselves
with_db_connectionDBMS Connections which disconnect themselves.
with_dirWorking directory
with_envvarEnvironment variables
with_fileFiles which delete themselves
with_gctorture2Torture Garbage Collector
with_libpathsLibrary paths
with_localeLocale settings
with_makevarsMakevars variables
with_packageExecute code with a modified search path
with_parGraphics parameters
with_pathPATH environment variable
withrExecute code in temporarily altered environment
with_rng_versionRNG version
with_seedRandom seed
with_sinkOutput redirection
with_tempfileTemporary files
with_temp_libpathsLibrary paths
with_timezoneTime zone
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