Man pages for wnl
Minimization Tool for Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis

BasicUtilInternal Functions
cmpChiCompare model with Chi-square test
Comp1One compartment model - analytical
DATAn Example of Dosing History Table
dxSimplest diagnostic plot for minimization result
eenvironment for internal data
ExpandDHExpand Dosing History Table
nCompGet Amounts of Each Compartments using Lambdas and...
nlrNonlinear Regression in R
ObjsInternal Obj Functions
pCompPlot Compartment Model Diagram
SecondaryGet Secondary Parameter Estimates
SolComp2Get Lambdas and Coefficients of Two-compartment Model
SolComp3Get Lambdas and Coefficients of Three-compartment Model
wnl5Old type WinNonlin - Least Square not MLE
wnl-packageMinimization Tool for Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Data...
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