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eXtensible Time Series

addEventLinesAdd vertical lines to an existing xts plot
addLegendAdd Legend
addPanelAdd a panel to an existing xts plot
addPolygonAdd a polygon to an existing xts plot
addSeriesAdd a time series to an existing xts plot
align.timeAlign seconds, minutes, and hours to beginning of next...
apply.monthlyApply Function over Calendar Periods
as.environment.xtsCoerce an xts Object to an Environment by Column
as.xtsConvert Objects To and From xts
axTicksByTimeCompute x-Axis Tickmark Locations by Time
CLASSExtract and Set .CLASS Attribute
coredata.xtsExtract/Replace Core Data of an xts Object
diff.xtsLags and Differences of xts Objects
dimnames.xtsDimnames of an xts Object
endpointsLocate Endpoints by Time
firstReturn First or Last n Elements of A Data Object
firstofCreate a POSIXct Object
index.xtsGet and Replace the Class of an xts Index
isOrderedCheck If A Vector Is Ordered
make.index.uniqueForce Time Values To Be Unique
merge.xtsMerge xts Objects
na.locf.xtsLast Observation Carried Forward
ndaysNumber of Periods in Data
parseISO8601Internal ISO 8601:2004(e) Time Parser
period.applyApply Function Over Specified Interval
periodicityApproximate Series Periodicity
period_mathOptimized Calculations By Period
plot.xtsPlotting xts Objects
print.xtsPrint An xts Time-Series Object
rbind.xtsConcatenate Two or More xts Objects by Row
reclassConvert Objects to xts and Back to Original Class
sample.dataSample Data Matrix For xts Example and Unit Testing
split.xtsDivide into Groups by Time
subset.xtsExtract Subsets of xts Objects
tclassGet or Replace the Class of an xts Object's Index
tformatGet or Replace the Format of an xts Object's Index
timeBasedCheck if Class is Time-Based
timeBasedSeqCreate a Sequence or Range of Times
to.periodConvert time series data to an OHLC series
tzoneGet or Replace the Timezone of an xts Object's Index
window.xtsExtract Time Windows from xts Objects
xtsCreate or Test For An xts Time-Series Object
xtsAPIxts C API Documentation
xtsAttributesExtract and Replace xts Attributes
xts-internalsInternal Documentation
xts-packagexts: extensible time-series
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