Man pages for CeMOS-Mannheim/PlaquePicker
Single-object based analysis of MSI data

binarizeAndCombineBinarize images and combine to a single binary image
combineIonImagesCombine two stacks ion images into one stack of ion images
geometricThresholdUnimodal threshold based on geometric method
get_IdxFromIDGet indicies of spectra per plaque ID
get_intensitiesGet intensity values from ion images
get_mzValuesget mz values in plaquePicker result list
get_specIdxInternal helper function to extract spectra indices
NLGF67w_mouse1_rep1Ion images from a NLGF mouse at age 67 weeks
NLGF67w_mouse1_rep1_coordCoordinates from a NLGF mouse at age 67 weeks
plaquePickerSeparate stack of ion images into separated single-objects.
plot_vennGenerate a Venn-diagram for a plaquePicker result list
qcorQuantile correction
tpointT-Point thresholding
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