Man pages for DiDeoxy/PGDA

allele_richnessCalculate mean allele richness at all sampling levels
calc_ehCalculate expected heterozygosity
calc_ld_statsCalculate composite ld between markers
calc_lngCalculate LNG
calc_maf_mrCalculate the MAF and MR
calc_plot_map_statsCalculate and plot map stats
coverage_by_chromCalculate mean allele richness at all sampling levels
draw_rectsCraws rectangles for circliz graph
load_genesLoads gene info
max_lengthsCalc genome and homoeologous set lengths from chromosomes
plot_gaps_nbs_ldOutput figures based on map stats
snpgds_parseParse a gds file
snpgds_sample_subsetCreate a gds file that cotnains a subset of the sample from...
snpgds_snp_subsetCreate a gds file that contains a subset of the snps of...
span_by_chromCalculate the length of each chrom, optionally subtract the...
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