Man pages for DiogoVeiga/maser
Mapping Alternative Splicing Events to pRoteins

annotation-Maser-methodRetrieve annotation of splicing events from a maser object.
availableFeaturesUniprotKBQuery available human protein features in UniprotKB.
boxplot_PSI_levelsBoxplots of PSI distributions by splicing type.
counts-Maser-methodRetrieve raw read counts values from a maser object.
displayVisualization of splicing events annotation using an...
dotplotDotplot representation of splicing events.
filterByCoverageFilter splicing events based on coverage.
filterByEventIdFilter splicing events based on event identifier and type.
geneEventsRetrieve splicing events for a given gene.
granges-Maser-methodRetrieve genomic ranges of splicing events from a maser...
mapProteinFeaturesToEventsMapping of splice events to UniprotKB protein features.
mapTranscriptsToEventsMapping of splice events to Ensembl transcripts.
maserCreate a maser object by importing rMATS splicing events.
Maser-classS4 class to represent splicing events imported from rMATS.
pcaPrinicipal component analysis of PSI distributions.
plotGenePSIBoxplots of Percent spliced-in levels for gene events.
plotTranscriptsMapping and visualization of Ensembl transcripts affected by...
plotUniprotKBFeaturesMapping and visualization of UniprotKB protein features...
PSIRetrieve PSI (percent spliced in) values from a maser object.
PSI-Maser-character-methodRetrieve PSI (percent spliced in) values from a maser object.
splicingDistributionProportion of events by splicing type.
summary-Maser-methodRetrieve rMATS stats of differential splicing from a maser...
topEventsFilter splicing events based on false discovery rate and PSI...
volcanoVolcano plot of splicing events.
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