Man pages for Djeppschmidt/mgrastr
Import, summarize, and format MG-Rast annotations for use in R

ag.ClassExtract class
ag.Domainextract domain
ag.familyExtract family
ag.Genusextract genus
ag.OrderExtract Order
ag.PhylumExtract phylum
ag.Speciesextract species
ag.taxaggregate taxonomy table
ConnStatconstruct table of connectivity values
ConnStat2construct table of connectivity values
dendromapparse single ontology into heirarchical table
DFTaxcombine tables and condense
download.Fdownload function annotation
downloadFuncdownload functions
download.Odownload taxonomic data
downloadTaxadownload taxonomic data
extractTparse single ontology into heirarchical table
filtset filter for function abundance
loadFuncload wrapper for many different samples
MeanNetvaltransform count values
netStatconstruct table of network index values
plotNtwkconstruct table of connectivity values
plotNtwk2construct table of connectivity values
transformtransform count values
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