Man pages for DrRes/jobwatcher
Build pipelines on HGC super-computer

arrayjob_optionArrayjob requirement
as_bash_arrayconvert lists, vectors, tibbles into _bash-array_
binbashfirst spell for bash
build_pipelinebuild a pre-build pipeline
directory_optionDirectory requirements
ggsave_pipelinesave a plan image
grov_envuse ~/.bash_profile
jobwatchwatch a _qsub_ job via _qreport_
make_qsubfilemake a file suitable for _qsub_
memshortcut for memory requirement
multi_assignMultiple assign
parallel_optionParallel job requirement
pipePipe operator
qreport_tblget _qreport_ results as a tibble
qreport_xmlget _qreport_ results in xml fromat
qsub_qsub_ a file
qsub_functionmake function for qsub a job and watch progress
resourceresource requirement
save_and_qsubsave and _qsub_
short_operatorsShort operators
write_and_qrecallwrite out and _qrecall_
write_and_qsubwrite and _qsub_
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