Man pages for EuracBiomedicalResearch/CompMetaboTools
Utility Functions from the Eurac Research Computational Metabolomics Team

averageSEAverage replicated samples in a SummarizedExperiment
chromPeakAreaGet MS peak area (m/z and rt range) for chromatographic peaks
c-MChromatogramsCombine MChromatograms objects
dropModelsRemove model fits based on specified criteria
extract_time_stampExtract run start time stamp
groupByCorrelationGroup rows in a matrix based on their correlation
groupToSinglePolarityPairsSub-group allowing only single positive/polarity pairs per...
hidden_aliasesInternal page for hidden aliases
joyPlotCreate a stacked plot of multiple chromatograms
matchRtMzMatch features based on their retention time and m/z values
model-flaggingFunctions to flag/exclude models
moreAreValidThanIdentify rows with a minimum required proportion of...
plot_pcaPlot of PCA results
sync_files_localCreate local copies of files
withinBatchAdjustApply per-batch model adjustment of feature abundances
withinBatchFitFit a model separately to each batch in an experiment
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